mute the shine.

are sequins only for the holidays?
bought this vest last christmas, but wanted to get more mileage out of it the rest of the year.
i toned it down by layering it over a similar colored tee
and found it totally do-able for summer.

(pants, bebe; vest, f21)

a big thanks to lucia of dior bless you for the tigreton prize. she always puts together cute outfits that are simple and feminine.

seven quirks facts:
1) i hit the snooze button at least two times
2) when i find something i love, i buy it in evvry color
3) i always lose my parking ticket, then find it
4) i always choose the window seat when traveling on airplanes
5) i used to love silly putty
6) still get a kick out of blowing bubbles
7) occasionally crave (dunkin donuts) buttermilk donuts

tell me one of your quirks in the comments. 


  1. love your nails & your pants!
    kisses <3

  2. Great outfit! Really like your necklace! So lovely and the color is to die for!:)
    -Oh when I want something I drool looking at it until I have one.
    -Then when I already purchase what I want- for days it will stuck on the place where I can easily glance over.Not that all! It's also on my bed for the couple of days or so!Weird is'nt it?! but that makes me happy everytime and my family knows that! hahaha

  3. I wear sequins all year round :) I have some little tee's that are very subtly sequinned that I can get away with during the day which always make me feel a bit happier :) and a quirk... I write lists for everything :)

    Love, Vanilla


  4. Amazing panta!i love the colour on your nails and necklace :) i have many quirks i don't really know where to start from!hehe :P

  5. Cute vest, really liking the sequins for day. You eat the best sweets, that ice cream cookie sandwich looks so good :)


  6. Quirky me: I make up a lot of my own words...like "froozhnocked", which can mean "tired" :-)

    I like that you've paired glitzy sequins with a day outfit...I would never have thought of trying that!

  7. Sequins are definitely not only for holidays :) But maybe that's one of my quirks, I definitely wear them year round! Congratulations on the award. That cookie sandwich looks, well, amazing. You have me drooling :)

  8. You always look so effortlessly chic and are always in heels, I don't know how you do it. I used to think sequins was also only for the holiday season but I have recently abandoned that silliness. Sequins is too fab to limit wearing it.
    I was by the way not hungry until I saw that yummy looking cookie sandwich. My mouth is watering.

  9. tigretron! I love the name of that prize. And Yep, sequins are for all year round! :) I love what you paired it with!

  10. Sequins only on holidays?!?! Why I never... lol you look great and rock the sequin whenever you like girl cause I know I will!!

    Editor & Chic

  11. Wow! this ice cream look delicious!!!


  12. I could eat bowls and bowls of jello and never tire of it. animal crackers too.

    I love the sequins for summer, its unique and you don't see it often!

  13. Love the outfit and love the idea of wearing a ring above a double ring!


  14. I love the sparkly vest for summer! I always really like your jewelry too. And that ice cream cookie kinda made me drool a little. lol

    Quirk about me: I can eat an entire bag of Lindor chocolates in one sitting. =/

  15. I found the perfect camisole last year, and now I own one in 8 different colors. I found out that there are over 100 colors, and I am determined to own all of them.
    So I understand that quirk of yours.

    My whole life is a quirk. I can't even choose just one. You know me well enough to know that by now.

    Annnddd this vest is definitely not just for Christmastime. It works perfectly for warmer weather, too. I love the outfit!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Yay for sequins! I like how you've kept it tonal.

  17. I think sequins can be worn at any time.
    I set my alarm for every morning, but never need it, I'm always awake just before it goes off.
    I crave packets of crisps and can eat 3 packs straight after each other or a whole family packet at once.
    I'm scared of the dark and always have the hall light on on a night.

  18. sequins are for every day :) you look wonderful. and oh my goodness whatever that ooey gooey cookie goodness is, it is making me hungry! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  19. holy chip-wich! lovin sequins...i think the world could use a little more sparkle.

    I like to shop online and put a whole bunch of things in my shopping cart and then close the window so i don't end up buying anything.


  20. I've always loved sequins, perfect for any season :) That ice cream cookie looks magical and drool-worthy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    - the runaway

  21. Oh my gosh. That icecream sandwich is making me hungry.

  22. I used to think sequins were just for the holidays but have sinced worn them whenever, wherever! Toning them down like you did makes them day approprate!


  23. thanks so much for your comment on my blog..Your nails and ring are the bomb


  24. I think sequins are great all year round!!! :) And that cookie looks AMAZING! haha! i also hit the snooze button twice..sometimes even more :)


  25. Sequins are definitely for everyday wear. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their day.




  26. I love this outfit! The nails and necklace I adore!

  27. Oh I love blowing bubbles too. I'm totally bringing a gigantic set of bubble wands and liquid to an outdoor music festival I'm headed to this summer. And that ice cream cookie sandwich looks heavenly... I may just bake cookies so I can make some of these at home.

    Hm, a quirk of my own? I NEED to wear earrings, otherwise I feel naked. And if I don't notice I left the house without any on, I panic the minute I feel naked lobe haha...


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