not as intended.

i mentioned that i finally got around to cleaning my jewelry/junk drawer. wish i had some before photos, but just take my word for it...it was a disaster. one day i threw a few important papers in the drawer with the intention of filing it later. next thing i knew it was filled to the brim with mail, receipts, pens, stuff. the bottom of the drawer was starting
to sag. it had that much stuff in it.
found this pink, ceramic cupcake pan at ross a while back.
i had no intention of baking, but it was cute and
i knew i could find a use for it.

you can check out my necklace storage here.

how do you store your jewels?

wooden ikea bowls hold a prior obsession...leather cuffs.

sending a shoutout to samantha of this fashionista for the one lovely blog award. this girl has the best jewelry...i'm always lusting over her tiered earrings and huge rings. and, she wrote a book at age 17?! go check her out. now.

in honor of her book, here's seven book-ish quirks:
1) doesn't have to be new, but i like to buy my books...
compared to borrowing from the library.
2) i carry my books everywhere.
even though i know i won't touch it. but just in case.
3) i love sci-fi, fantasy, murder mysteries.
4) i prefer to watch a movie first, then read the book.
5) i go thru phases, but i'm currently taking forever to
read my books. thus, #1.
6) i love photographing books.
7) i want an entire wall of bookshelves.

serving this to the following lovelies:


  1. gorgeous post
    and funny, #7 is the same as me!

    Super pretty rings!
    check out my new post if you have time :)

  2. I love how you organize your rings!! Mine are all just laying around different areas of my home, it's probably not the best way to store things

  3. great idea, i desperately need to organize my entire closet!

  4. So, totally the same on #1, #2 and #5.
    #3 not so much.
    #4 exact opposite.
    #7 I have them. hence #1.

    I use similar strategy for storage. Lots of watch and jewelry boxes, a jewelry armoire within an actual armoire, double sided hooks inside the cabinet walls to hang the necklaces etc.. Will do photos one day.

  5. I love your jewelry collection, and how you store it! The boyfriend bought me this jewelry "wardrobe" at some point, with drawers for earrings, a flip top for rings, and two doors that swing open at the sides to hold necklaces. I love it.

  6. thank you sweety for your comment
    great jewelry selection and great idea of storage
    in my jewelry box there is the same chaos as in my handbag, I never find the right :D hahaha
    have a nice thursday and a wonderful weekend


  7. Gorgeous post honey and amazing jewelry!!!

  8. A cupcake pan...what a brilliant idea!

    I have a collection of funky tins I like for storage. Then I also feel like they're earning their keep :-)

  9. You got organize jewelries up there. Just like what I noticed before in your old post I love how you hang your necklaces.

    I just stock my jewelry in their original box and hang my accessories inside the cabinet with the help of a hook.

  10. Gosh you are SO organised now :) I love organising :)

    Love, Vanilla


  11. This is such a great idea! I may have to borrow it ;) xx


  12. WOW so many! :)
    Love nearly all of the rings <3

  13. I loved the storage idea! You did a good job with your jewelry! They look great!
    I've been reading your archieve for the past days, and I think that your blog is amazing!
    So, I'm definitely following you on Bloglovin'...
    see you soon! :)

  14. great jewelry organization! i love all your jewels. :)

    cute & little
    Sproos Shop Giveaway for cute hair accessories!

  15. The cupcake tin is an awesome idea for storing jewelry! You have some amazing pieces.

    I have a jewelry armoire, but it is so unorganized and filled to the brim that I really need to do something else. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. Awesome blog, Awesome jewelry!

  17. Love your system. I use glass deviled egg dish for my rings.
    Samantha's so cute. Will have to check out her blog.

  18. I use bead boxes for earrings and ring. I currently have each necklace in a zip lock bag...but it is not my favorite. I am still seeking ways to better organize necklaces and belts...thanks for making me think about it!!

  19. I want an entire wall of bookshelves too! That would be perfect! Love seeing how you organize your jewlery, I had a good system and then we moved and I need to work on a new one due to space issues :o)

  20. I love your book-y tidbits! I'm obsessed. It's ridiculous, really. Maybe I should write a post...

    Jewelry-wise, I'm not as inventive as you are! I am so inspired by your storage methods. I may have to steal some ideas!

  21. Love your jewelry! And I totally love how you organized them! Mine's a mess! I kinda just went with how I packed my jewelry for my vaction and I never looked back since! haha!


  22. It's time for me to do some summer cleaning of my own. I'm not excited. It actually fills me with loads of trepidation.
    I would love a whole wall of bookshelves!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. wow!! that is a nice neat idea to store jewelry!! i store mine in shoe boxes and dump em anywhere lol not as nice and neat lol

  24. Looks good, I need something like that. xx

  25. Ha, I'm the same way. You have got to see my mail table to believe it! I got a cute gold branch tree one year for Xmas and now it holds all my necklaces and earings and rings!


  26. what a great idea!!! the cupcake tray...love it!! xo Lisa

  27. Love all of your jewelry! Great way to organize it all too.


  28. so cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  29. Hey Miss Popular...I shouted out to you on my blog too! xoxo

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  30. your jewellery collection is awesome! haha i carry around my books too, in the hope of a chance minute to read :P
    You know the library in beauty and the beast? Thats definitely the ideal! Its gorgeouuss.


  31. You always find forgetten treasures when you have a clear out! Maybe I should have an organise soon as well too :)


  32. Wow, that's quite the large and organized collection you have there! I never like jewelery boxes, but I found a cute (and cheap at $20) one and love it! I also use $ store baskets for my larger items.

    I carry my book around with me too! You never know when you can get a chance to read!


  33. Lovely blog!!!

    Please visit my English Fashion Blog:



  34. what a neat idea! Must now hunt for cute muffin/cupcake pans!


  35. Gosh your jewellery collection is amazing! I think I will show these pictures to my family so that they can realise I don't have as much as they think!


  36. Oh dear, my jewelry drawer is a mess. I've been pinning some jewelry organization ideas recently and need to implement them asap! I love the same genres as you! Dean Koontz is a favorite of mine. Have you read Hunger Games? I can't wait till the put out the movie!

  37. This is such post girl...and checking out this storage website for sure!! Congrats on your blog award you deserved it girl.

    <3 Marina

  38. Holy crow, you have a LOT of jewelery!


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