mixed metals.

i used to think it was a fashion faux pas to
mix silver and gold in the same outfit.
like gold earrings didn't go with a silver necklace, or a gold belt buckle didn't match with a silver watch. even down to the tiny buckles on my shoes...if it was gold,
everything else was gold.
while i still prefer to keep them separate,
i do like to experiment.

how bout you...do you mix metals?

speaking of breakfast yesterday, mini-she surprised me by making my pb+j this morning...complete with mini-he's sandwich box
and note. gawd...who's the parent here?!
of course, this was followed by, "can i have money for the snack bar?"
(denim, zara (buy); top, old navy (buy); clutch, local boutique (silver)(similar);
shoes, jessica simpson (similar))

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  1. love the hot pink on you girl!

    don't forget to email me to claim your yes, teacher credit prize! :D

  2. DOH - I have been dying to see those gold jeans since you said you got them. Need. They are frigging amazing.

    can't wait to see the story!


  3. HAHA Oomph! Girl I thought the same way! LOL I like the way your metals are mixing in these photographs. Looks good girl. I love metallics! Those pants are awesome. :D

  4. I'm exactly the same way.. if the buckles or studs on my shoes are gold/silver, everything else has to match. It drives me insane when I want to wear a certain pair of shoes but the hardware is the wrong color. I need to experiment a little too, I guess! I love how you carried the mixed metal theme throughout your outfit with the gold pants/silver shoes and didn't just stop at the jewelry! This outfit is hot!

  5. that woven clutch it to die for.
    love that hot pink color on you too!
    great looK!

    Kait xo

  6. Thanks for the supportive comment. =) I usually don't mix silver and gold but it looks good when you do it. =)

  7. Your outfit is lovely, and your top is so pretty! Love the color :) I haven't mixed gold with silver yet but I am still experimenting!

  8. Oh I LOVE how you mixed the metals here for sure! The shoes and the pants are so fab together!!
    I do like to mix metals a little now. Isn't it fun debunking these old fashion myths? You do it so well and with so much style:-)

  9. I've always liked the look of mixed metals- its a little Southwestern to me- silver, copper, gold...

  10. Your daughter sounds absolutely adorable! :D &I don't wear gold & silver often but when I do it's usually gold eyeshadow and my silver necklace!

  11. Yes to mixing metals! And with that pink shirt, I hope this is a "trend" that doesn't go away :)

    What a sweet mini-she (I also like her side request afterwards - LOL)

  12. How cute is your daughter? These are the best parts about having kids. I have been eyeballing these Zara jeans for a loooooong time. So jealous of you! You are looking good sister! I am an admittedly metal mix phobic. Which is strange because I can mix patterns and colors like no one's business.

  13. Sooo friggin cute that she made your sandwich and left you a note, aww. I love these gold pants, so fabulous. I'm definitely liking the mixed metallics here, I stopped listening to this rule (mostly) a while ago, some rules are meant to be broken!!

  14. stunning! i love the colours of the outfit and how you have paired basic things with amazing original accessories like that gorgeous bag! yur such an an amazing blogger! all your looks are so inspiring!



  15. Ahhh I'm in love with the colors. I really want these pants! That new cross necklace is lovely.

    And so sweet of your mini :)

  16. You always look stunning in bright colors gurl! Love the pants.:)

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  18. love the pants cool look!!
    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  19. I used to be the same way! At one point, I would never consider wearing silver and gold together... It was one of those "Fashion Pain of Death" errors... Like mixing black and brown.

    But I've recently changed my tune (same with the black and brown "rule"). I'll mix my metals together so long as the pieces have some similar feature or are at least complimentary to each other.

    By the way, those pants are fantastic. Love 'em!

  20. So sweet Mini She packed you a sandwich! Sometimes kids really do you amaze you :)

    Mixing metals used to scare me, but I have definitely come around. You look great!


  21. Aw, that's so sweet! I really like the outfit too. I usually don't mix gold and silver very often, but I just prefer silver so I don't have much gold stuff in the first place. The only place they mix all the time is my "good" rings.

  22. I used to feel that way too but done right, and mixing metals looks awesome! LOVING this outfit. the pants are fab, the pink shirt is fab, the shoes are fab!


  23. I love the way you have mixed gold and silver in this outfit. I am the same and usually try to keep them all the same but I might go and have an experiment too :)

    Love, Vanilla

  24. Just like you, I would never have though silver and gold would work well together, but they really do! Girl, you look AMAZING,I just love the way you also dropped pink into the outfit. LOVE!! XOXO

  25. I remember trying on these Zara's: they looked horrible on me. You rock them, I didn't even recognize them at first!

  26. Look'n good, mama! I do mix metals and love it! (mostly I'm a gold girl but it's fun to toss in a bit of silver!)

  27. I used to be the same way about gold and silver. Funny how things change :o) I'm so digging those gold jeans with the silver shoes - totally glam!

  28. I don't see anything wrong with mixing metals! You are rocking this look, love the pink top!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  29. You look great! I like your style. Yeah I would mix silver and gold. They're in the same stream. I'm a big fan of metallics. Thanks for your lovely comment :)

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

  30. Love your outfit. I have been eying your pants for a while, they look great and love the contrast of them against the shirt, unique!! love it, you look great.


  31. I always mix metals. I don't even think much about it anymore oops. I love all the different jewelry in this outfit. I love that sweet little note. That is just adorable.

    <3 Rachel

  32. I love those jeans!!! yes, I do mix gold and silver..in fact, I learned from rachel zoe show that you can buy gilver jewerly which is a mix of the metals..Love your outfit! xo Lisa

  33. I mix metals, I love yellow gold but one of my favorite bracelets is white gold so I end up wearing gold everywhere but on my wrist. But I think it's becoming less of a faux pas these days. Too cute your daughter made you breakfast :)

  34. I totally thought the same thing. BUT! Mixing metals is so much fun AND looks so great! I really LOVE that huge ring!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  35. Hot dang. I LOVE this look. I like mixing my metals, too. Used to only be a silver girl, but now I want it all. Hot pink with gold pants are perfection!

  36. Stunning pants.

  37. THis outfit is so fun!!! Love those pants and your hair looks amazing up!!


  38. I LOVE this look from the bag,to the shirt,to the colours!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)

  39. Your jewellery is so beautiful!!


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