a bull market.

pacsun bullhead black denim.
the best skinny jeans ever.
i know i'm a huge advocate of flares and bells, but we all have to have some skinny in our wardrobes, and these are it. they are the perfect length with just the right amount of bunch at the bottom, they keep their shape throughout the day...no bulging knees, and the best reason is that even though they are super fitted, the waist is cut loose so there is no muffin top. you don't have to size up and compromise the skinny fit.
they have colors, prints, and destroyed varieties
for $49.50 each or two for $69.
put these on your black friday wishlist.

who's going to brave the black friday crowds?
you can't be in several places at once,
so what place is at the top of your list?

(denim; pacsun (buy)(colors); sweater, f21 (similar);
wristlet, coach (similar); shoes, nine west)


  1. I love the print on your jeans! I had no idea pacsun had leopard print ones, I now must go to pacsun :) And I like how you wore it with the bright top. Nice outfit :)

  2. Love those leopard print jeans! I might have to go to pacsun soon and pick me up a pair or two =)

    I don't know if I'll have enough motivation to drive into town on Black Friday...My number one choice ] is Mesh by Shari Saiki because its rare to get discounts on good furniture! There are a couple of my favorite clothing boutiques that I'm excited to head off to as well...

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. OMG! I need to go back to Pacsun and try these babies on. They are so HOT! I wonder if my shapely bottom will look good, though. :/ We shall see. I love Bullhead denim. I remember stocking up on a bunch of skinnies when they were on sale for 2 for $40... but that was last year.

    Looking great as always, B. :) Muah!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Those are some fabulous jeans doll and the royal blue sweater just gorgeous on you. I'm not doing any black Friday shopping...way too crazy for me! ;)

    <3 Marina

  5. Eeek! They're perfect. I find the waists are always too low. Too tight. Will definitely give these a go.
    Times I wished I lived in the states...this Friday. Sigh.

  6. You look amazing, love the denim! I will be shopping from home, love me some online/no loading 2 kids in and out of car/line free shopping! ;)


  7. Gah, I love these leopard print pants!! They fit oh so perfectly. What a great pair of pants, I wish we had black friday, I would be ALL OVER THAT! But really, we probably don't need to fuel my shopping addiction.
    Love the tough spiked bracelet, so great

  8. You're right. They seems perfect. Love your shoes too!

  9. i like your accessories, and the combination of your apparels are nice!

    CMPang x

  10. We were both discussing how we need a pair of animal print pants in our wardrobes! You are looking pretty fierce in these. The blue top looks great with the pants.

    As far as Black Friday. Heather is taking her sister who is a Black Friday virgin out with the crazies. It should be fun!

    Heather & Kayla

  11. You look stunning!
    I am just discovering Pac Sun pants and I'm LOVING them!

  12. Oomph, I don't know what's badder! The jeans or the shoes! HAHAHA You are rockin' both. I'll be doing online black friday shopping. LOL Have a great evening girl! :D

  13. Dang Oomph! I am loving these skinnies on you! You're right--they are perfect! I love the fit and the subtle animal print!

    I have worked retail so I loathe Black Friday. It is the only day of the year I REFUSE to do any shopping! I decorate for Christmas instead. :-)

  14. Those leopard pants are so hot!

  15. Becks, I love the leopard jeans and those shoes are amazing! You always look fabulous, and hope all is well!

  16. I love your leopard jeans, your sandals, your top, and your wristlet! actually, i love everything in your outfit! love the colors my dear! they're simple yet fabulous!


  17. Thanks for the heads up on those skinny jeans - the next time I'm cross-border shopping, I'll be sure to hit up Pacsun :)

    Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving later this week :)


  18. The denim is KILLER! I totally love it! ANd Oh man, black friday... I haven't done that in like 4 years. I just can't do it. I get toooooo cranky!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  19. adorable pants!!!! sooo love it!!! very sexy and animalistic effect... your top is lovely too, the color is so great..love the necklace..kissess!!!

  20. adorable pants!!!! sooo love it!!! very sexy and animalistic effect... your top is lovely too, the color is so great..love the necklace..kissess!!!

  21. your right they fit you like a glove!
    and i'm gonna tackle the shopping crowd on black friday...oh dear

    xoxo katlin

  22. loving those animal print skinnies!looks fantastic with the blue! those shoes are pretty fab too.

    i'm tempted to go shopping but everytime i do i end up totally annoyed at how crowded everything is. i'm not sure it's worth the few bucks i save (unless it's a TV or something like that).


  23. Amazing pants and look amazing on you. Love the pop of pink with the wristlet. The spiked bracelet is very cool.

  24. Gorgeous look, love the pants!!!


  25. I have to start off with...you have the most amazing cheek bones I have ever seen...haha..is that weird to say?? because I truly think so!
    and your look is amazing!I love the leopard skinnies paired with the bright blue top!! gorge.

    Tweet Me!

  26. I love this colour combination :) Great skinnies!

    Love, Vanilla

  27. You look lovely!
    Claudia xxx

  28. you're seriously like the only person that could pull off leopard jeans! you look awesome!

    xo Jackie

  29. Fabulous outfit! I love the dark leopard print and rockin' shoes with the pops of color. I might be braving the Black Friday crowds for the first time with my fiance.

  30. Oh love the leopard print!!! Awesome, you look chic!!! Thx for the comment hun :) Btw, are we following each other^^???

    xo Emma

  31. I am following^^ Check out the Elin Kling post. Think you'll like it.

    xo Emma

  32. Gorgeous look, I especially love the studded cuff x

  33. LOVE those leopard denim pants! Currently lusting over a pair at Urban Outfitters!! Love it with the blue and stud heels as well!


  34. Skinny jeans without a muffin top? You may have just discovered the perfect pair of pants!

  35. You guys are lucky to have black friday. We don't have that here. I guess our retailers can't afford it. Those are killer skinnies :) I've been looking for a pair of burgundy/oxblood ones for cheap!

  36. Those jeans are INCREDIBLE. I can't believe that's a pacsun brand. OH, now I want it. No, now I need it!

  37. Love the printed denim, but totally in love with the bracelets! Fabulous!!

  38. your shoes are way too sexy and i love the print of your skinny jeans.

  39. I love those leopard print pants and your beautiful top! :)


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