yesterday, i came across yet another blog going on hiatus.
this is the fourth one announced in the year i've been blogging, not to mention countless others that have just quietly disappeared. and although we've never personally met, we've connected on some level and saw each other on a weekly basis. i can't help but feel a little sad. kinda like when your favorite lip color is discontinued. sure, new [blog] friends will be made, but the ones that leave us will be missed.

so, it got me thinking...what are your plans for your blog?
do you have a time frame or are you just going with the flow? maintaining a blog is hard work....do you ever feel
like quitting?

(top & skirt, old navy (buy); jacket, macy's (similar); wristlet, coach;
black bracelet, express (buy))


  1. Losing blog friends is sad, but real life happens. We plan on just going with the flow. Blogging is hard work, but fun due to the friends we have made. Maybe when its not fun anymore we will shut it down? Love your jacket too.

  2. That's true. It takes a lot of effort maintaining a blog. I didn't really have a plan when I put up my blog. It's my own off duty project and was conceived purely for personal pleasure. I'm just going with the flow but it's quite addictive though :)) sometimes I wish I had more time for it.

  3. Maintaining the blog IS hard work! But I don't see myself leaving because the reason I started blogging was to document my life with the hubs. If I stay true to that, I don't think I'll have any desire to quit.
    I sure hope YOU'RE not quitting! Love you and your blog!

  4. Great question. I toy with this a lot. I can definitely see my blog being a part of my life for the forseeable future...but then what happens when I have a baby, get married, etc., etc., I really don't know. I will go with the flow until I cannot produce content that is worthy of reading. I think that is when I will know it's time to call it quits. Thank you for such a thought provoking post today.




  5. What a deep question! It's hard to keep up with daily posts, but I figure I'm living life anyways, I might as well take pictures and document it!

    I'm not sure about the future, but like mentioned above, I'm just going to go with the flow and enjoy it! When it becomes a chore, I'll stop.


    ps LOVE your bracelets!

  6. I know!!! I keep finding some of my favorites doing the same thing.
    As far as I'm concerned, I've never wanted to quit, I hope you don't either!;) I find myself with less time to keep up on my favorites lately, but I look forward to the time I have to catch up on all of them!!
    and...LOVE this look! gorgeous as always!


  7. love your cute little pouch and matching lipstick!! about blogging, i just post whenever i feels like it, try not to push myself too hard or i will get tired easily:))

  8. I had one moment about 6 months ago when I was ready to shutter the blog up, I took to Twitter and some gals talked me off the ledge. I took a couple of weeks off to kind of regroup. I want to post every day (there was a time about 18 months ago when I was posting twice a day) but with my going back to work and traveling more for work, I just can't and I try not to be hard on myself for it. I didn't get to post today because I had to make a last minute day trip yesterday for work. It's an ever evolving balancing act. I love it and even though I don't have many followers, I do have my regular crew that stops by (thank you!), and I've made so many friends from blogging that I would hate to give it up! It's another creative and social outlet for me.

    What a great question to ask! I love reading what everyone else says too!

  9. I love doing this so much that I feel like I just can't quit blogging anytime soon. Hopefully I will be blogging for a very long time. I hope you continue to blog as well, because, WELL, I just love your blog!!

  10. First, you look beautiful! I love your outfit!

    I have thought about this too! My blog is still young and it is about cooking so I hope that I will be able to keep it going for a long time even if I go through periods of blog neglect.

    But I do wonder about blogs that are more personal. Maybe one day it gets to be too much! But it is definitely sad to see a beloved blog leave.

  11. You're so right, maintaining a blog is a lot of work! I took an official hiatus this year, but have definitely taken 1 or 2 week long breaks throughout the past 2 years I've been blogging. It's all part of the journey. And your journey is whatever you make it! :)

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  12. Hey Oomph! I started mine in August to connect with people and didn't realize how much work it is. I enjoy putting together posts and I've learned so much about things that I can't see myself quitting. I post 5 days a week and give myself weekends off from it. But I really like to respond to the blogs I follow. Sometimes I may skip a day and double up on responding the next. It's hard. Some of the people that I met in August left for a couple of months and are now back. You never know. Just give it some time. They may re appear. Love your outfit doll!

  13. Hi Becks, that's so sad that the 4th blog this year you've been following is on hiatus. I am not really sure what is going to happen in terms of timing with my blog. It's really hard work, I can't go anywhere, buy anything, or really do anything without thinking about the blog. Can I just be honest that when I see blogs that have been around as long as mine and they have like 20,000 FB fans and thousands of followers it makes me think, how is my blog REALLY doing?

  14. Yeah, maintaining a blog is super hard work. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. But i'm not quitting since even though it's hard, it's still really fun. But it is sad when a blog stops :(

    Your outfit is really pretty. I like your jacket and top. ahhh you are so good at incorporating jewelry into your outfits. I enjoy seeing how you wear jewelry in your posts.

  15. Loosing blog friends is really sad! I hate when friends disappear or blogs that I love for inspiration stop blogging. I can understand it though, sometimes I feel exhausted. Sometime's I feel like it's pushing me to overspend, but then I remember why I started and why I love it.
    I absolutely am loving the combination of soft pink, leopard print and that brown jacket. The skirt is unexpected with this combination in such a wonderful way. You look great

  16. awesome accessories! I love your jacket.

  17. Blogging can definitely be a lot of work but even if I get behind I always get back on track! It's such a wonderful creative outlet that I'd be sad to give it up.

    And can I just say that you are the best accesorizer ever?? Teach me your ways!

  18. Ok, I don't know which to gush more about, your great post or your slammin outfit. Let me just say, you look striking in this ensemble and you can just trust me, k?

    Now about the post. I have had the same exact sentiments. Namely for me have been Second Skin, Haiku Ambulance, Sparkle Birds and My Woredrobe. Total bummer. And it is kinda crazy the attachment that you get and the involvement that you feel when you "get to know someone" at least weekly and then are left to wonder what happened to them. I just started blogging in April and I still love it so much. However, I feel like the day I will quit will be the day I no longer love it. Hope you stick around!

  19. Love the necklace and blouse together. I've thought about taking a break but I would miss it. My posts are usually done the night before or early in the A.M, but I also try to make posts in advance when I have some free time so if I ever have a busy day (or week) I can post one of those without being absent.

  20. first of all i totally love this outfit, its so cool! and secondly, i totally know what you mean. so many bloggers that i got to know when i first started blogging have stopped posting, they havent officially closed their blog but i havent heard anything form them and its totally sad :( but i plan on keeping my blog for as long as i live!!! no jokes, im going to be one of those cool granny's who blog ;) i have put so much hard work into my blog, i couldnt stand it if it was all wasted!! but i did hear that google is closing down google friends connect next year in march so everyone will loose their followers which im so sad about but im going to work towards getting more followers on bloglovn :)




  21. you have made such great use out of that animal print ON shirt! it looks amazing on you!!! and yeah, it's hard to keep up and i can see why people go on hiatuses. sometimes it's alot of pressure to keep it up. but i figure i'll do my best and sometimes i'll just take a few days off and that's okay. that way hopefully i won't get burnt out!


  22. I love this shirt! Very chic!!!


  23. I hear you. I would like to keep going but if you've noticed, my blog is not just about fashion now. At first I was really hesitant of losing followers and readers but I'm not really blogging for others but for myself. It's suppose to be fun and not a burden.

    I've meet a lot of fantastic people because through this blog and I'm forever grateful with the good and bad things. It happens. :)

  24. I would hope to keep my blog going indefinitely but I'm not sure what the future will bring... I understand what you mean about it being sad when blogs disappear. Love this look too by the way :)

    Love, Vanilla

  25. I think it can be hard work but I love doing it and don't have a time frame. I love your shirt!
    Claudia xxx

  26. I know what you mean. I feel sad too when this happens, because we feel like we knew them and we had a connection. And yes, blogging can be a hard job, it's like you're taking your work to your house everyday. But it also makes me feel really excited and happy. So I don't want to quit blogging, but I don't have any plans yet. Of course, I've only been blogging for a year, and I want to continue doing it...
    Really like your outfit! :)

  27. it's an incredibly hard work!! I mean I have school, projects, sports and other things that always gets in the way so sometimes I go MIA and it's a pity....

    however lovely shoes

  28. Even as a newbie, I can tell that maintain a blog is hardwork!
    As for me, I don't have any specific plan for my blog, just let it go with the flow. It helps that I love writing, so even when there are days or even weeks when I don't feel like writing anything, at the end I always go back to write something!
    The scheduled posts really helps, though, so I can still keep posting regularly when life it too busy and I have other priorities than blogging.

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  29. It is hard work and time consuming! I started in June 2010 and stopped in August 2010, i met someone special and did have time for it. I started again in April 2011 and now tried to post twice a week plus a reply to all my comments, but i find it hard to keep up with all the blogs i am following, but i guess can not do it all. All this to say that i love blogging it is addictive and i have met nice ladies.

    Sorry i missed lots of your posts, you are lovely, love your all your outfits!

    Ariane x

  30. i know that blogging is hard and takes a lot of time and sometimes i am like..why am i doing this? but the answer is coz I enjoy it and not only the readers! so i will be doing it for as long as it makes ME happy! :)
    i love this outfit as always ! the pink purse is so adorable!!

  31. Wow, this outfit is so chic. I adore the leopard shirt and the amazing bracelets! I never think about quitting my blog...it is probably my most favourite way to relax and spend some me-time... Visiting friends in blogland is also such a treat. I know what you mean about some calling it quits, and it makes me sad too! Blog-friends can begin to mean a lot, even though we may never meet in real life. The only place I have had many tendencies to want to call it quits was on social networking sites like facebook! :)


  32. It is always so sad when your favorite bloggers decide to leave the blogosphere. For me, blogging revitalized my personal style, so I don't see myself stopping any time soon. Knowing that I'm putting my outfits on The Internets makes me consider what I plan on wearing more carefully, and I feel better when I wear clothing that I've put effort into putting together. Doing things that makes me happy makes it seem less like work.

    In other news - you are so chic. Have I mentioned that lately? Because you are. I love the classy animal print top, and that big bauble necklace is delightful!

  33. It's always a bummer when someone stops or barely blogs anymore. I started my own blog without any real plan, but now I'm rather attached to it. I enjoy being able to go through it and remember little things about that particular time in my life that I wouldn't have remembered otherwise. I definitely plan on continuing to blog, for a long time. It helps me explore my style and it's a great way for me to interact with awesome people. I definitely consider a lot of the people I've met here as friends (I mean hey, I'm receiving birthday presents from some of 'em!) I think about quitting sometimes, but I'd miss it all too much. I do however think I'll be going through my reading list soon... there are SO many blogs and it feels like a lot of them have gotten really impersonal and I'm soon going to pare it down to the folks I really dig.

  34. I don't really have any plans. I'm working full time right now and in school and I've thought about scaling back a bit, but then when I don't post or visit other bloggers, I really miss it. So, I plan to keep it up until it gets old. =) I don't see that happening for a while! I love the connections I've made through blogging. =)

    I also love the inspiration, too. I love how bold you are with your outfits! You're always inspiring me. =)

  35. It is sad losing blog friends...I've seen teh same thing happen. But I'm glad you're still around and we should keep in touch :) Btw, LOVING the styling today...what a fabulous and glamourous mix of leopard, satin, leather, and statement jewelry. So chic!

    <3 Cambria

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  37. Maintaining a log is like like having a child. It needs a lot of attention, love and effort made for it. I love your shoes. XOXO

  38. I'm not sure what will happen with my blog. I had the notion that perhaps one day I could be as big as some of these girls that are out there but brands are really strange. They use the same girls (who I've recently learned have agents) and it's become a popularity contest...so now I have to land an agent? oie!!! I'm doing my blog for me and because I have a shopping habit (if I get successful great, if not, great). I don't see myself quitting soon becasue it is an outlet for my creativity and I still enjoy it but boy is it a lot of work, especially when you actually take the time and comment on your readers blogs with meaningful comments. Never understood how these girls with 5,000 and upwards following, still maintains that without ONCE commenting/giving back...all things pass, so I'm sure blogging will give way to something else in the future anyway.

    anyhoo! Hope you're not going anywhere soon :)


  39. I'm still new to blogging, so it's still fun..but can be stressful. I work during the day, and now it's dark when I get home, so no weekday outfit posts :( Gotta save them for the weekend. Feel bad when I don't update on a daily basis, but when your a wife and working full time and trying to keep up with a home, it can be hard...But, through all that, I'm really enjoying my blogging experience :)
    xo Jac

  40. I'm constantly struggling with keeping up iwth my blog. I don't know how to balance work, play, and school with blogging. Plus, I'm one of those "writers" who needs inspiration in order to write. I can't write because I have to write. LOL

    I hope you don't leave! I love your blog, even tho, I don't comment all the time. I always read every post.

  41. You are right! Having a blog takes work! The one I am currently doing is my second blog. My first one just kind of does off... This time I am doing something different, but also shaking it up so I'm not always posting an outfit, or always posting a recipe. I'm hoping this keeps me motivated to stay on track!


  42. It makes me sad when some of my favorite blogs leave the blogosphere, too. It is like losing a friend. Even though we don't meet personally, I feel like we know each other on some level, and it leaves a void in my blogging world when the person goes on a break. :( It's sad, really.

    Your bright pink bag cheers me up, though. :)

    P.S. No doubt about it -- I'M STAYING.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  43. I know what you mean!!! There are so many blogs that used to read that are permanently deleted from blogger! It makes me sad because, like you said, I kinda "know" those bloggers and connected somehow. But I guess life got in the way or something... Blogging has been definitely difficult for me to maintain, but I love doing it, and I can't see myself not doing it, so I'm gonna keep on trucking!

    Love the color of that skirt! :)

    have a happy weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    ps. You asked about the paperbag skirts-- sadly, I was only taking the first 3 orders. I am quite busy at the moment, but come January, I should be able to offer them again. I'll keep you in mind.

  44. So true that it is hard maintaining a blog... It is even harder when you have a kid and stay home most of the time... I certainly wont blog about my pajamas :) I used to blog everyday when I first started but I have been "slacking" lately because life does happen... However, I plan to continue blogging as often as I can :)

  45. I don't feel like quitting but at times I have to step back and take small breaks. It;s easy to get caught up in the blog world and forget to focus on the real world.

    happy holidays <3

  46. So in love with your leopard blouse and OMG is Old navy...Note to self shop there immediately!!

    PS. I totally feel what you're saying about bloggers slowly vanishing and yes it's very hard to keep up with a blog and I'm running with a lot of problems myself not having enough time to take pictures., etc. But I'm trying to stay for a long time. I have met some wonderful people in the blog world and even though never met them in person there's definitely a bond and see me keeping some of them as friends for a very long time. As you doll. ;0

    <3 Marina

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. I get sad when I see bloggers announcing hiatus or, like you said, quietly disappearing. There was a girl I met when I was still very new to blogged who I clicked with.. then one day she stopped posting with no notice and vanished in to thin air. After a few weeks, I actually began to worry but thought that I would come off as a stalker if I dropped her a note or a comment on her blog like, "Hey, where you be at?!" I still click on her blog from time to time even though there are NO unread items, just to see if it's still active. I miss my virtual bud. Oh well.

    As for me, the blogging world isn't gonna get rid of me that easily. I may take days-long breaks but I love my blog and the connections I've made so I always come back sooner or later ;)

  49. I understand what you mean.. There's one blogger that visit my blog and became my follower, it happened in the earlier part of my blogging world that almost no else commented. I like her blog and we became friends from there until she posted an article that she will pausedfor a while and after a while-discontinued. I miss her so much and losing her makes me sad,totally no connection at all.

    Like you,even though we don't met you became a part of my "world" too.Teary eyed here.:( I think blogging for me will be forever and if only I could update my post everyday , I will. But for reasons I can't.But I will keep in touch thru commenting on your post.:)

    Sorry if this is a late comment but I think I should include myself.:)

  50. I've gone on blog "breaks" but I've always come back. Now with trying to manage two separate blogs, and getting used to a new job, it's a bit harder to get into a routine to comment.

    Which leads me to apologizing for not commenting as "immediately" as you post. I'm still following along!

  51. Just saw this post and its funny because my blog can certainly look like one that is about to get discontinued. but, not yet :) Although it is hard to maintain a blog sometimes, I feel just like you. Well, I am staying here and I hope you to because this is one of my favorite spots! you inspire us!


  52. I've seen that happening a lot lately too. I've thought about quitting many times, but then just pushed myself through it, because I love my blog, and it's more for me to keep track of my life, more than anything else, so it's important.

    Anyways, I love the pink details in your outfit and your leopard print blouse of course!


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