the bold cuff.

bold cuff bracelets are all the rage this year.
this 2013 trend works with my resolution to simplify,
using a single cuff to accessorize my outfits.
one is all you need to make a statement.

dressing for work is a piece of cake with this black sheath dress.
it's an instant outfit and one that i always feel good in. plus, it transitions easily from day to night simply by swapping out your everyday bag for an evening clutch.

will you go bold with a statement cuff?

took a day trip to kauai for work on friday.
i always look forward to reading the airline magazine...it highlights hawaii businesses
(and individuals) and the inspirational stories of how
they got their start.
happy hour drinks at the airport while waiting for our flight home.
"jack & coke, please!"
(f21 dress; nine west shoes)

try these:

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  1. I love what jewellery can do for a simple outfit, I am loving the bold cuff and that clutch! Perfect with the LBD

  2. I love that second picture! You look very glamorous indeed!! Try as I may, I'm just not a jewellery girl. Maybe that is why I covered myself in tattoos? Permanent accessories!! xx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous outfit! Love the cuff!

  4. I love a bold cuff and it's actually on my list of items for spring. I just need to find the right one; yours is great!

  5. Great outfit. The gold cuff is perfect with the dress.

  6. I love the simplicity of the cuff. I'm usually pretty simple when it comes to accessorizing, so I would def try this
    xo Jac

  7. Cuff is amazing and you look stunning, its chic and fresh.... I love it! I tried a wide cuff similar to yours, not long ago and I looked soooo funny. They aren't for everyone, for sure not just anyone rocks them like you :)

    * Style Id Net *
    * Style Id Net on Twitter*

  8. I think they are so sharp! I love your Becks and also your other jewelry. They look great with your dress. Very sophisticated!

  9. Love the cuff. So dramatic and chic.

  10. Cute clunch.. I adore those shoes!

  11. Yes, yes! Gorgeous. All about a statement piece.
    And jack and coke. I so have story there! And it is SO not pretty.

  12. look great :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  13. Looking good!! Love this outfit!! Simple, but BOLD!! Jack & Coke please! That's my kind of drink!! I like to read the inflight magazines too!

    Have a great week!

  14. LOVE that cuff, and call me crazy - I know some people don't like it, but I poysonally like to wear two matching cuffs. It satisfies the OCD need for symmetry, plus BONUS - I can deflect bullets if I need to.

    Happy day, mamacita!

  15. I love the woven clutch, nice touch!

  16. LOVE this look, and the amazing cuff and necklace. Fierce!



  17. ALL about the statement cuffs!!! This one is perfect for this dress!

    xo Jackie

  18. You are a goddess.


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