purple satchel.

it's the bag you never knew you needed.
i kept coming back to this purple hudson bag from JustFab and finally decided to go for it. it exceeded my expectations of a suede-like bag. the quality is great for its price, the color is vibrant, it's lightweight, and the size is perfect...big enough to fit all the essentials, yet small enough to be considered a purse. i was worried about its versatility, but i've paired it with peach, blue, black, and now green and pink...it just works.

this is another crazy weekend for us. tomorrow, after our usual saturday classes, we're heading to my niece's school fair. this is when i let mini-he eat all the cotton candy he wants before letting him jump to his heart's content in the bounce houses. after that we have my daughter's athletic banquet,
and we finish off with mini-he's [flag football] championship
game on sunday.

what's going on in your neck of the woods?

to finish off last weekend's events, we spent two nights helping our neighbor make pasteles, and let me tell you, it's no easy task! from peeling green bananas, to grinding them, to chopping the meat, assembling them, and cooking them, a lot of work goes into these things. and after all that, i forgot to ask for
one to try! have you tried pasteles?
(JustFab Hudson bag c/o; express denim; jcrew shirt; ae jacket)

shop the look:


  1. that bag Becks is so sharp! i love the shade of purple! have a great weekend.

  2. How is it you're able to make anything look fabulous? Love the purple. My favourite colour!

  3. Purple is for fashion stars! :)

  4. No, never tried pasteles. Looks good though.

    Liking the bag. Purple is an awesome color for a bag like that.

  5. Those jeans make your legs look MILES long!
    The bag is beautiful...purple is one of those colors, no matter what the shade, that makes the most perfect unexpected pop of color!

  6. I absolutely love a girly colored bag like this. I had a light pink bag in Rome and always loved the feel it created with most outfits. This bag is similar, I love it! Love your shirt too!


  7. I am not a 'bag' girl, but for some reason I WANT THAT BAG. Oh my what have you made me want?

  8. charming look@ esp your bag! very cute!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  9. Loving your flared pants and the bag is lovely, too

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  10. Oh, wow! That bag is just so beautiful, and the color is gorgeous. Love the entire look :) Hope you're having a great weekend.


  11. oh my god twinsies!! i just did a post with flare jeans too! have you been watching rachel zoe? i have! that's what inspired me to revisit mine again. you look fab as usual!


  12. I LOVE everything about this look! that denim....swoon! xo

  13. Beautiful bag ... the color is just perfect. I couldn't have a bag that big because I would, for sure, fill it up in a minute and then be complaining about back pain in a week :)
    I am like that.
    I think my time is never enough but reading your posts makes me think I may be needing not more time but better management of it.
    Have a happy week.

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  14. Love the bag! That color is quickly becoming a fave.
    I also love the Miller. So cute!

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  16. Loved your new bag! Very proenza schouler!
    No I have never tried pasteles.

  17. That is a great bag! Loving the jacket and jeans too!

  18. I think this purple bag is for keeps. You look great with it and you've paired them with so many colors! Much good use for sure =)


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