a week of leopard accents. belt.

long time readers know that i love leopard. anything leopard.
i love to incorporate it into every outfit, when possible, even if it's something small. comments i hear most often from people are that it's too bold for them, or they don't know how to wear leopard but wish they could. well, you can! if wearing leopard clothing makes you feel uncomfortable, start with accessories. this week is all about incorporating small doses of leopard
into your outfits.

one of the easiest and least intimidating ways to incorporate leopard into your outfit is with a skinny belt. here, i also played with denim on denim by pairing a solid denim with a patterned one. the polka dots break up the denim, and the belt further distinguishes the top from the bottom.

for the weekend, try a leopard belt with:
black tee + denim shorts + flat sandals

for the office, try a leopard belt with:
black sheath dress + cardigan + black heels

weekend snaps.
bear meets a friend at the beach.
fresh squeezed juice after the beach.
exercise. mini-he even got his own racquet.
(victoria's secret top; lei denim, f21 belt; jessica simpson shoes;
libi&lola bracelet)


  1. sometimes denim on denim can be hard to pull off and a bit much but you have pulled it off quite nicely. Very cute!!


  2. I love leopard prints! You could also start with small earrings :-)


  3. Lovely total denim look ! so cute !



  4. Very cute outfit, love the jeans and belt!

  5. Great advice. Yes, I know you like leopard, but have never seen you in the skinny belt before. Looks great. And I like how you styled it with the polka dot jeans.

  6. I know it's impolite to mention but I suspect you probably have leopard-print underwear, too!

    1. actually, A, i currently do not own any. crazy, right??!!

  7. I can't wait to see all the ways you wear leopard! I love how it looks with those cute jeans!

  8. Love those jeans.

  9. absolutely stylish outfit! love it! xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hello my dear!
    You re amazing in this style!
    I love your shoes!

  11. That belt looks so good with that outfit. I remember when you wore a lot of leopard. You wore it well Becks. I need to get a belt like that. I have one leopard skirt.

  12. Leopard is the best accessory!! I love the belt with the double denim, these spotted jeans are ammmazing

  13. I love leopard print too,such a wardrobe staple.I love how you've paired it with your denim especially with those polka dots.I love the chunky chain trend,and your chunky bracelets are right on it,I love them!
    Fab post x :)

  14. Cute all denim look dear! Those pants are so cute ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – NEW POST: A Short Boho Story –

  15. Love those pants! I always find them but not in my size or they do not fit well. Booo!

    Jan Loves

  16. Super chic...love the dots on the pants with the print in the belt..great pairing! xo

  17. Here here! I have always loved leopard print too and wear it proudly but I am always baffled by people who say they could NEVER wear any animal print. This belt is the perfect example of how anyone can wear animal print--even in the smallest increments.


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