dark denim.

with fall comes darker colors, and denim is no exception.
i had a void in my closet for a pair of super dark, ankle-length, skinny jeans. while my search, locally, produced no results, i remembered that madewell had a signature dark wash. coincidentally, refinery29 had a madewell promotion where $60 got you $100 to spend...it was the perfect opportunity to try the jeans. the whole thing turned out to be a big disappointment (my fault) because i sized up just in case and ordered the rail straight style instead of the skinny. the jeans actually fit ok when i tried them on (which is why i didn't return them), but by mid-day they were so stretched out that i felt sloppy.

enter pacsun. i've raved about their bullhead denim before, so i don't know why i didn't think to look there first. as someone who's had a motherload of jeans in my lifetime, pacsun bullhead jeans rank among the top. and the bonus? they were $39 and buy one get one free last weekend. guess that makes up for my $98 loss at madewell.

to date, i have five pairs of bullhead black denim jeans,
and i love them all. these are the denim jeggings, and i'm wearing their "skinny" here.
how cute is this starfish bracelet? also in white and navy. (buy)
(pacsun denim; ON top; nine west shoes; JustFab bag c/o; INpink starfish bracelet c/o)

check out these other pacsun styles:

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  1. This top is such a wonderful colour!! I love the dark denim too, I hate when I size up and shouldn't have. But they are pretty lovely

  2. They really look gorgeous on you!


  3. Nice jeans and in combination with this shirt the results is awesome!

    Sun and Sand

  4. I want that starfish bracelet!!!!! I love the jewelry at inpink.com

  5. wonderful look. i love orange on you!
    suits you so well.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  6. You look gorgeous! The orange is perfect with the dark denim.

  7. *sigh* This is a classic look emanating immense feminine beauty. I've adored and envied this exact look since I was a child. You probably take for granted that you can dress this way; I hope you realize that being able to is a precious gift. Savor it, my friend.

  8. Those jeans are amazing on you! Isn't it crazy how hard it is to find basics sometimes?

  9. beautiful!
    the orange top looks fantastic with those dark skinny. ;)

  10. I´m in love with your orange top!!!! It is sooo... full of life, i guess!! I will search for something same :) Thank you for the idea :)

  11. love this outfit on you babe! the dark denim and the tie waist blouse reminds me of this pinup girls!! hehe you look like a pinup girl in these pics :)!

  12. Becks, you can wear the hell outta some clothes girl. I love love love this! Fabulous top, jeans and bag!

  13. That sounds like a phenomenal deal! These jeans are great and look amazing on you!

  14. Oh, wow, these are super super dark but yet still manage to look blue. I love them.
    They fit you like a glove. Thank you for your comments. Isn't it a bunch of crap when people say it gets easier when kids start school. Not sure where their kids are going to school but it sure is harder. My son fought me like crazy last year too on homework. So, all summer long I bought these bridging books and we did just 15 minutes everyday (a page from each book). That got him in the habit and now he doesn't fight me. I am so glad I stuck with it.
    I am hoping this year will be much easier in that aspect. But it is hard to focus on one kid when the other is so distracting. So working on that.

    1. yes, hard to give one on one attention sometimes :)

  15. Love the bag and the top and the shoes! So cute!! Love your style.


  16. I want that bag in my life! :D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

    1. haha, it's one of my current faves :)

  17. this bright orange shade suits your skintone very well and the pants really fit and flatter you so well <3



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