the t-shirt dress.

i'm bringing it all back to basics with this t-shirt dress from Front Row Shop. this is one of those items that you have to try on to know how amazing it is. it has these [funny looking, but genius] built-in ties that don't spin around like a belt would. when you are short on time in the morning, this is an easy-to-wear dress that stands on its own. just sprinkle a few oomph-worthy accessories, and you are good to go.

this past weekend, i saw the musical, Broadway's Next H!t Musical. it's a fully improvised musical comedy that is based on suggestions from the audience. before you take your seat, you are asked to write down a made-up song title. act one takes place at the Tony Phony Awards Show where the four improv stars each perform a song based on a title that they draw randomly. the audience votes on their favorite, and the second act is the musical based on the winning song. a couple of the titles picked were...meh...the actors had to really dig deep to create a story. others were funny. point is, if you see the show, give them some creative titles! it'll only make the show better for you.
this is a great musical to see over and over again,
because it'll never be the same.

do you like musicals? what's one of your favorites?

top: the beautiful hawaii theater, show's stage,
bottom: drinks at the show, nightcap at Du Vin
while having drinks after the show, the cast walked in and sat at a table next to us...we had a chance to say hi and take pictures with them.
(Front Row Shop dress c/o (buy); enzo angiolini shoes;
JustFab bag c/o; Bobby Glam hair extensions c/o (buy))

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  1. Beautiful and classic.

  2. very classy! the red adds a nice touch

  3. I think this dress is lovely, real classy! Love it xx

  4. This is a gorgeous dress, such a perfect, easy piece. I love the tie on the side!

  5. Great ensemble... you look stunning!

  6. I love that dress and how you've styled it....gorgeous shoes as ever :) X

  7. Nice! I like musicals and it would be great if I have the chance to see this one!

    Sun and Sany

  8. this dress looks amazing on you!! & the red shoes really stand out -- great choice.


  9. that dress is perfection love it!

  10. i am obsessed with musicals! actually my whole family is. into the woods and wicked are my favorite. my sisters and i have parts to all the songs that we like to sing together on road trips

  11. You look fantastic! love that dress! xo

  12. The best thing about t-shirt anythings is the material. Soft cottony t-shirt material just rocks on hot Summer days and nights.

  13. great dress becks. i love the way it drapes and ties. i haven't seen that musical. i hope it comes our way. it sounds like fun.

  14. What an interesting musical idea! Improvising demands a lot from actors. =)



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