mint on mint.

i might have been feeling minty.
i stumbled upon this mint top at Patty's Closet last week and loved the [faux] leather shoulder accents. i wanted the overall look to feel...soft, so i paired the top with these JustFab pearlescent denims in a slightly lighter shade of mint and these bone-colored heels from Lulu's.

a while back, i mentioned that my camera lens stopped auto-focusing...which is tragic for a self-photographing blogger! i apologize for the sub par photos recently, but i'm not quite ready to dish out $700 for this canon 18-200mm lens that
i really want...so bear with me.

do you have a dslr camera?
what lens is on your camera right now?

early morning walk at ko olina...
...followed by halloween shopping and lunch with the minis.
curried quinoa salad. 
(Patty's Closet top (call for availability 808-625-6440);
JustFab denim c/o; Lulu's shoes (only $22! buy); ray-ban sunglasses)

a few to try:


JennaStevie said...

This is such a gorgeous minty blouse, the colour is so lovely on you! That sucks that your lens stopped focusing!! I use a 50mm usually, it sucks that it doesn't zoom though

Frannie Pantz said...

Argh!! Why must they be so expensive!!! I use a 75mm Tamron lens with my Canon and it works very well for most situations, but I believe it was around $600 or so as well. Best of luck on your savings and searching! What a pain that the auto focus went out! As a fellow self photographing blogger, I totally sympathize.

I love the all mint look today. I never really thought of doubling up on mint but it looks great so why not!?

Lena L said...

love the top. great details! :)

Stanislava E. said...

I love mint colours! I don't have a dslr camera, but would love to. Maybe one day!

Sun and Sany

LoveYourEgo said...

I love it! The gold accessories and the nude sandals are so perfect for this minty combination.
Your lunch looks like it wants to be a salad and a fruit salad at the same time :D


A Very Sweet Blog said...

You wear mint well becks! Love those jeans! I'll take that salad. HaHaHa
Sorry to hear about your camera lens. Things are so expensive.

Shayne ♥ said...

i love this color!! and i like it that you paired it with something pink i think both colors go along very well :) really great job on putting this outfit together :)

Erica D said...

I love that top, and I would never think to pair min on mint but with the different shades it actually looks really nice! The weather looks wonderful where you are.


Balancing Lisa said...

You look stunning! love this color pairing!

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