reversible tote + email your kids.

i finally got around to using this reversible bag i ordered during christmas. it came in a bunch of bright colors, but i opted for this black/blood red one for ultimate versatility. i like that it is nondescript and doesn't have any pronounced hardware. i'm wearing my JustFab skinny denim with this super comfy trapeze tank. it's perfect for humid summers because it doesn't cling to your body. they are super cheap from a local store, so i always grab them whenever i see them. of course, i had to have the leopard one.

i came across an idea for kids recently; i heard about it years ago but it appealed to me this time around. the idea is to create an email account and reserve a (personalized) email address for your child...the thought being that many email addresses will be taken by the time they are old enough to have an account. throughout the years, email them. a note here and there, pictures from school, play dates, vacations, or random candids, and give them the password to the account when they're 18 years of age (or whenever you choose). 

while i'm not concerned about saving them an email address, i do love the idea of creating somewhat of a virtual scrapbook or journal that you can give them when they are older. i can't even tell you how many scrapbooks and decorative papers and die-cuts and paper punches i have bought with the intention of creating scrapbooks for my kids. i've never completed one. but email? i can do. right from my phone. at the moment. after all, this is the age of technology.

if you're a parent, is this an idea you would consider?
how do you document your child's memories and milestones?

some sample emails to your child...
it's a great way to keep those photos safe throughout the years, plus it doesn't take up storage space!
(JustFab denim (buy); Lulu's shoes;
ShopLately necklace; Happy Wahine bag)

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second winner gets $100


  1. Thats a nice tote! Its nice to have the choice of colors.

  2. Loving the referable bag, great idea.

    I think is a lovely idea to email your children, my girls would have loved it.

    X x

  3. such a fun idea with the email for the kids.

  4. this is such a sweet idea! reminds me of the google commercial where the dad writes to his daughter as she grows up. i really love your tank -- the print and the fit. beautiful!


  5. what a fabulous idea for kids! i am in LOVE with that tote! how awesome is it. great top becks.

  6. What a cool idea! And, like you said, so much easier to maintain than a scrapbook. I love your leopard cami!

  7. I do love that idea!! The only way I document right now is my blog. So something more personal and private is what I need! For whatever reason, I seem to do my best documenting via computer. I just can't stand to write in journals or scrapbook!

  8. Looking gorgeous girl! Saw this on insta.

  9. i really love that email idea! i'm also super in love with that amazing tote! you're right, you can get so much more use out of black, and just reverse it to red when you want a pop of color :)
    xo jac

  10. Wow, first of all I love distressed jeans and when they are in a combination with heels, then I'm in love! Super outfit!

    Second, I still don't trust the webspace so much. BUT, as you said, this is the age of technology and I guess I have to get used that these things will be absolutely normal in a couple of years. So why not? Modern parents are modern parents and I'm sure your kids will be very happy when they see what you've done during all these years!

  11. Good choice on the bag. I think it'll go with a lot of different things and red is always in, right? I like the email idea. It would be a lot easier to document things and have it organized than the old fashioned way. I do like scrapbooks, but it seems like the pictures get piled up in a box and you never get around to putting them together. For us, we forget when things happen or who was in the photo. Probably best to take advantage of the technology we have today!

  12. I love the whole outfit. You look so cute.

  13. You look great but you always do. I love your tote. The saving the email/virtual scrapbook for your children is a wonderful idea.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  14. Cute top!

    This might sound strange, but I just use Facebook to document stuff. We have so many friends and family out of town/state, it's just easier to share that way.

    xx April

  15. Cute top and I like your sunglass


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