a week of white denim. black + white.

since i've been enjoying these Paige Denim skinny jeans, i'll be remixing them the rest of the week. yesterday, i paired them with primary brights. today it's a black and white look with some prints and textures. a black blazer may seem too heavy and dark for a spring look, but this fun blazer from Patty's Closet lightens up the look by allowing some skin to peek through.

i went to the bruno mars concert earlier this week, and it was awesome. despite the bomb threat interruption at the beginning of the concert, it was an amazing show full of lights and pyrotechnics.

do you wear black in spring?
what was the last concert you went to?

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this beautiful mint necklace from Paula & Chlo adds subtle color to the outfit without taking away from the black and white.
we arrived about an hour before the concert only to be greeted by a long line just to get in the doors. so we decided to grab drinks instead. of course, all the surrounding restaurants were packed because everyone was doing the same thing...but standing with a drink is still better than just standing in line. besides, it started to clear out as the concert started. we knew there were two opening acts, so we hung out a little longer and enjoyed as much expensive drinks as we could before having to get really expensive drinks at the concert, haha.
(blazer c/o Patty's Closet (808-625-6441); 
Paige Denim (buy); JustFab shoes)

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  1. Lovely black+white, so pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. love this look - that blazer is so cool. and that's awesome the concert was fun. i haven't been to a concert in so long!!

  3. Oohh, I love this! The black serves to outline the design, making it visually arresting. Beautiful and chic look.

    BTW, I spoke to NYS yesterday and it said it misses you. It wants you to come back. :-)

  4. i love your tank, it's so adorable! i wear black year-round, i think it can work in any season. glad you had fun at the concert -- those effects look awesome!


  5. i think black works no matter the season. i love the cute little elephants on your top :) the last show i went to was a music festival a couple weeks ago. some of the bigger headliners were Ben Harper, Dispatch and G Love. was super fun!
    xo jac

  6. Wow what a unique design for a blazer. I really loved the idea. I would definitely wear something like this.

  7. omg love love love this outfit! that blazer is so awesome, and the whole black white look is super chic!

    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  8. I've never seen a jacket like that before. Love the cut-out details on the sleeves!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. In the summer a nice black and white outfit is my fav! I just got this long flowing white skit, its kind of Bohemian which I wasn't sure about but its tight around the hips and looks fab. I plan to pair it with this tube top with some cute ruffles around the top, a high ponytail and some cute shades.

  10. i don't look as nearly as stylish at concerts!! love this!

  11. love black and white! the print and cut outs are awesome. i heard he gives really good concerts. will try and see him when he comes this summer.

  12. That blazer is really neat but it also looks like it could cause some very unique tan lans haha... The only black item I wear regularly anymore is my black leather jacket - now several sizes too large for me - and it tends to horribly clash with anything I wear but that doesn't stop me :P


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