the leopard robe.

with mini-he in the house my sleepwear became much more conservative. i mean, mama can't be strutting around in her intimates anymore! but every once in a while, you need to slip into something lacey. something feminine. something that makes you feel like a woman (vs mom). something...sexy.

my personal favorites were satin chemises. i loved the feel of the cool satin against my skin. while those are still a bit risque for mini-he's eyes, this robe from i love Sexy was a nice compromise. and you know i had to get something with leopard.

if you're shy about purchasing intimates, shopping online is a great way to fulfill those needs from the privacy of your own home. no one watching to see what you take in the dressing room. no one judging you and thinking, ooh, girl's gonna get some tonight! or, oh...she's that kinda girl! haha. i kid, i kid.

but seriously, check out i love Sexy for everything from intimates to pajamas to hosiery to costumes and clubwear. and tell me in the comments, what's your sexy style? do you rock intimates, flannel pjs, or an oversized tee?

(leopard robe c/o i love Sexy)


  1. Super cute robe!! Love the leopard trim :-)

  2. Your robe is way cuter then my plain back one.

  3. well hello there, sexay laday! seriously, you look hot!

  4. That is a really nice robe, I like the heart on the back. I live by myself so I can get away with wearing whatever I like, and it waffles between my hot pink satin robe, to grungy old duds when I'm feeling that instead.

  5. Well, that is certainly sexy, and leopard? You cannot go wrong in my book! haha. Have a great week beautiful!
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  6. nice trim with the leopard. now you just need those frou frou high heel slippers. hahaha with the fuzzz

  7. I like the way your present the sleeping robe...outdoors :D Will you have a photo some day inside so we readers could have a sneak peek at your house, please :)

  8. What a lovely robe! So pretty and sexy like you said.

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