a week of summer whites. textures 01.

with summer officially over, we had a big blowout at the beach house this weekend. some friends are in town, too, so it was one big slumber party. mini-she cooked for us all weekend...chocolate chip banana pancakes + bacon + eggs for breakfast, steak + sauteed onions for dinner, snicker doodles + homemade ice cream for dessert...the eating [and drinking] never stopped. plus, the weather was perfect for the multiple trips we made to the beach. we also escaped the heat for a quick trip to the movies (if anyone saw disney planes fire & rescue, windlifter was definitely my fave).

with your summer skin a few shades darker, lighter clothing shades amplify your glowing skin. so we're bidding summer farewell with a week of summer whites. when wearing all white (or all black) use texture to add interest to your outfits.

are you (or your kids) back in school?
what will you miss most about summer?

love these bic flame disks! a super easy alternative to charcoal that was perfect for making s'mores.
peace out, summer!
(patty's closet top; express denim;
justfab shoes; thrifted top; inpink necklace)

try the look:


  1. School starts here the 18th--I am actually equal parts dreading it and equal parts excited. I do think the big sleepover is a great idea! Sounds like fun! Love the sweater!

    1. i'm happy they started school, but just bummed we have to get back to our less-flexible routines :)

  2. Sound like you had a great weekend. I'm not sure when the kids go back to school here.

  3. gorgeous!! and this sunday is natl smores day!!!

  4. I love the white on white! so summer! the underwater pics are so fun :)

  5. beautiful. I love the whites and the texture play!

  6. You look wonderful in white! Sounds like you've really enjoyed the summer this year :)

  7. That top is so cool. You have the best shoes Becks. Great underwater shots.

  8. Oh, what a fun time this looks like you had, and you look amazing dear. Love this summer outfit.


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