quick hello.

(my new fave lip color: ColourPop Lippie stix + pencil in Brills)

just checking in to see if everyone is surviving the holidays so far. with our calendars filling up, things are getting busy around here. christmas cards are starting to come in, and after our christmas tree arrives this weekend, it'll really feel like christmas.

one more week until the marathon. to say that i'm a little nervous is an understatement. i'm excited, too, but also looking forward to a break from the training commitment. this girl needs some holiday drinks, stat.

have a great weekend!


  1. I always look forward to the holidays and then get surprised at the crunch they bring. Heavy traffic, congested stores, rudeness on display. But I still enjoy having any occasion to visit friends and give gifts.

  2. Such a stunning picture of you Becks! Yes, it is getting hectic. I have so much to do. Good luck with your run and you definitely deserve some CHEERS.

  3. good for you for your training!!


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