cargos + patches.

tgif! it's super bowl weekend, and it's a big deal at our house. i really only look forward to the half time show and commercials, and usually cheer for the underdogs just to make things interesting around here! mini-he and i will decorate the house with team logos and paraphernalia, my dad usually has a pool going on, and there'll be ribs and cold beers on the menu.
good times.

do you watch the super bowl?

(sweater via 9th & Elm; cargo pants via [oomph.];

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  1. I'm not a football fan and, like you, focus on the other activities surrounding this media event. Any excuse for a party is, however, welcome.

  2. Sounds like good times at your house this weekend! My husband and I don't watch football regularly but we always check out the Super Bowl. Go Seahawks! I'm from NY and could never root for NE.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I go to an annual Superbowl party, but not really to watch the game. It's more to just hang with my family and eat a lot of junk food!

  4. Have fun! I only do SB for the food. LOL I love your sweater (elbow patches are the best little detail!)! And your heels!

  5. I have hosted a few Superbowl parties but truthfully I detest football LOL. I actually get more excited for the party and enjoy hanging out with friends and pigging out on great food but I never actually watch the game. The plays are just too short and to me it seems like they show more sideline action then sport lol. I do try and catch the halftime show though :)

    Love those shoes!

  6. I love the pants, I am a huge fan of cargo. The thing is, it is not easy to find a flattering pair with correct length for a shorter person like me :(

  7. yes, i will definitely be watching it. love the commercials and half time. lenny kravitz! lol love that sweater. the elbow patches are so cute.

  8. so comfy! hope you enjoyed the superbowl weekend!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. Love your outfit! That sweater is fantastic, love those elbow patches.

  10. I totally watch the football but I'm a football kind of gal. hehe. Even though my team didn't make it I did find the game entertaining. =)
    Love this look on you. You're so fab!



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