colourpop haul + review.

i've loved colourpop since their humble beginnings two years ago. i started my "collection" with 3-4 lippies and their matching lippie stix. when i placed my order this time, i was running low on a few other items, so i decided to try some of their other products. here's what i received:

- echo park ultra satin lip
- aquarius lippie
- ellarie lippie
- banging brunette brow pencil
- get leid blush
- between the sheets blush
- no shame creme gel colour
- shadow to-a-t
- weho mini gloss (promo)
-piranha mini gloss (promo)
- finders keepers mini gloss (promo)

wearing echo park ultra satin lip +
creme gel color (eggplant-color eyeliner)

my thoughts:

the retractable brow pencil was soft and applied smooth, but the color was too dark for my preference. i do still use on occasion, but a bit too severe for everyday. i definitely recommend, but i just happen to fall in between the blonde and brunette shades.

i had high hopes for the creme gel colour, but the formula is very dry/drying. it's not very forgiving if you are messy or make mistakes during application. it became so dry and hard on my lids that it changed my eye shape! it was like i was wearing tape on my lids which gave me a double eyelid. will not repurchase.

the ultra satin lip was definitely my favorite. the formula is very liquidy and the applicator picks up a lot of product...i have to wipe off excess product several times before applying, but it feels nice on the lips and is not drying. it's long wearing; i usually don't have to reapply throughout most of the day.

the classic lippies are always great. they apply well, smell good, and look nice. i did begin to notice that they are a little drying, so i usually don't reapply since they may make my lips peel.

the shadows and blushes look amazing in their pots but don't have much pigmentation. you really have to use a lot of product or apply heavily with your fingers as they sometimes recommend. i still like them, though, as i don't wear heavy makeup. i can layer up for more color if need. i thought get leid was going to be way too bright, but i actually like it better than the mauve. 

have you tried colourpop?
what's your favorite colourpop product?


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I have heard great things about color pop but haven't tried them out yet.


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I've seen colourpop products around for awhile now but I've yet to try any of them. The lip products you got all sound really good especially the ultra satin lip. Gotta love any lippie that's long wearing and non-drying.

oomph. said...

was going to say, i think they finally ship international, but you're back in the states now!

oomph. said...

yes...and the ultra satin lip feel very comfortable on.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's why I haven't tried them yet! LOL Plus they're always coming out with a million different things. I always get so overwhelmed. Thanks for your honest opinion.

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