nightmare on oomph street.

i had one of those nightmares that was just too real for comfort.
i always think of "what if" situations in my head...
then shudder at the thought.
they usually involve the minis,
so maybe it's just me being a paranoid mom.

it was late monday night (early tuesday morning) after the whole target online thing, and i knew i had to be up in a few hours. it felt as though i had just closed my eyes when mini-he was on a balcony and fell thru a tiny slot where the floor met the glass railing. it seemed like i was right next to him, but it took forever to reach him. i looked over and he had fallen onto the balcony below. i frantically told him not to move, that i was coming down to get him. he sort of looked at me with a smile, then walked to the railing and squeezed thru the opening between the wall and the railing and fell. there was silence for a few seconds, then i heard him screaming. i started screaming. i froze and couldn't see anything. then, i heard a BOOM. it was some big truck unloading something at mcdonalds across the street. i looked over and saw mini-he sprawled out on my bed.
i picked my heart up off the floor then hugged him
like there was no tomorrow.

some scary shiz.

berry scone from ted's bakery
(denim, free people; blazer, bebe (similar) (similar); clutch, f21 (similar);
statfish cuff, blue vanilla)

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  1. Those are the worst nightmares! They feel so real. My dreams always consist of one of the girls being abducted and I spend my whole dream searching. It's awful! Some scary schniz indeed.

    Still love these jeans and your envelope clutch is super!

  2. Oh wow. I have my own nightmares too and sometimes dreams are just too vivid and real. Thank Goodness you are okay.

  3. Oh my gosh, Becky, that just gave me chills. That's so incredibly scary. I hate hate HATE dreams like that! I was tweeting this morning about too-real dreams and waking up in tears. Ugh. hate them!

    Despite the scariness, you look fabulous! I love that clutch!

  4. bejeezus!! that is one scary nightmare...i got the heebies just thinking about it.

    gotta remember that it's just a dream...mini-he is always safest w/ his mama!

    *love the outfit! only you can rock jeans like that in hawaii.

  5. I hate those kind of dreams. Cute outfit, those jeans are really awesome.

  6. random, but were you sleeping on your back and/or in a really cold room? Either one leads to nightmares.

  7. Ahhh what a nightmare! :( I hate getting nightmares but I think nightmares are a way to appreciate life and the ones that you love when your up and living in reality. I liked the ending of this post, so sweet.

    I still wanna meet that little mini-he of yours I love his curly hair :P

    Looking good as always mama!


  8. Thats the worst!! What a terrifying nightmare, awww thank god it was just a dream. I have those sometimes too, so bad!
    I love your super wide leg pants and your blazer looks so great with it

  9. Oh, you poor thing...those kind of nightmares are the absolute worst! I hope you were able to shake it off over the course of the day.

    Although, I don't blame you at all for the extra hugs this morning...

  10. i am obsessed with those flares! i may have to get myself a pair. love love love em.



  11. love your outfit, and those jeans are fab !

  12. love ur outfit!! shiver i hate them nightmares!!

  13. omg..i thought it actually happened. i have these nightmares too, i don't even want to think abt it.


  14. forgot to say, you look super tall and loveeeeeeeeeee that pant.


  15. you were probably just tired and in a weird half sleep. or maybe you had anxiety from that crazy target incident. every once in a while something similar happens to me with my kiddos. then i just wanna hold them.

    i love those jeans, they're so cool. and that jacket is pretty too!


  16. That is quite a nightmare you had. I hate those types of dreams and they always seem so real. I love your outfit and that clutch is really cute!


  17. I. would. not. have. been. able. to. go. back. to. sleep. after. a. dream. like. this! The blazer's many buttons are wonderful.

  18. Oh what a horrible dream- you poor thing! On a lighter note, this clutch is amazing! xx

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  19. omg i hate those dreams that feel real! especially the ones that are actually really good dreams but then you wake up and realize that its wasnt even real. but i love those pants haha!



  20. Nightmares suck BIG TIME! They're terribly unnerving :-\

  21. Really scary nightmare....
    Your clutch is really beautiful.

  22. oh wow. you're beautiful:) I really like your photos

  23. Unfortunately, this comes with motherhood...nightmares about our children. I wish I could tell you it will go away..but my kids area all adults and it doesn't go away. Fortuanately, it is not often that this occurrs...maybe I just eat the wrong thing some nights. BTW...this outfit is great...simple and stylish. Love it!

  24. I HATE dreams that involve my kids. Thankfully I don't remember the subject of my last one, but I do remember crying in my sleep almost all night. It was a horrible feeling when I woke up.

    I love, however, that ensemble. The jacket? That giant clutch? Don't even get me started on those frigging denims. LOVES.

    Here's to sweeter dreams and a kickass weekend, mama.


  25. these are the most flared jeans I have ever seen:))) and the buttons of your jacket are to die for, as well as the maxi clutch:X Lovely outfit, as usual>:D<

  26. You really had a horrible nightmare! I am so sorry, hope you feel better now!

    You look gorgeous as always! love the flared jeans!



  27. Holy cow, that's scary!! Glad it was just a nightmare!! Loving this look! Those pants are divine! xo


  28. oh em gee, that's super scary. I have horrible nightmares when I go to sleep after fighting and not making up with my husband. So now, I HAVE to make up with him before bed:)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  29. I hate this kind of nightmare :/ so scary...

  30. Nightmares are the worst. Just the other day I had one where some guy broke into my apartment and I ended up on top of him hiting and hiting him in the head with my cell phone and remote until I finally cracked his skull. It still has me creeped out!

    Ah, those FP jeans! Hope to finally shoot mine this weekend!!!


  31. I think part of being a mom is dreaming up the WORST scenarios possible for your kids to be involved in. It's terrible.

    I love the jeans. I'm jealous because they were too short for me and they definitely need to be sweeping the floor to look good. :) I like how you paired them with the blazer.

    The Suburb Experiment

    P.S. The Missoni for Target stuff that I purchased is higher quality than usual Target. The tee was tencel which is nice.

  32. Oh gosh that is a horrible nightmare!! The scone looks so yummy :)

  33. Wow that gave me chills babe U look amazing!! Love ur pants so much! X

  34. Ugh, that sounds awful! I hate waking from nightmares and not knowing if what I dreamed really happened. This is definitely a reminder for us all to hug the people we love.

  35. these jeans are to die for!!! Happy Friday!!!

  36. OMG'd what a WILD dream! HAHAHA I hate when I have those! But your outfit is super adorable! Those jeans look fab on you, LOVE the clutch and the shades are sweet! Thank you girl for your comments on my blog. I certainly appreciate the input! Have an awesome weekend! I look forward to reading your future posts. :)


    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  37. I HatE HatE nightmares! How come you remember them more the good dreams?! bleh...Im in need of some wide leg denim ive decided!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  38. OH HOW AWEFUL! I'm sure thats one of the worst things to dream about!!! Happens all the time though. I have terrible dreams about loved ones getting hurt, reminds us how important those people are to us.

  39. Thank you for your comment! You look amazing in those flares!


  40. I think that's the worst nightmare I've ever heard in my life. On the a happy note, these jeans are about the sickest I've ever seen. So, so bold. Love em on you!

  41. Dreams like that are really freaking horrible!

    I love your jeans, they'e adorable. & I want to eat that berry scone *yum* :-D

  42. wow, that's a scary dream!
    you look lovely btw :)

  43. I HATE nightmares like that! They throw you off for the rest of the day - ick! Adore the clutch - perfection!

  44. I don't have any children to dream about, but I've had plenty of dreams where I'm trying to save my pets. I used to keep ducks as a teen and I even had a dream where my ducks were flying away from a storm as I rode a motorcycle while carrying my cat (yup, madness heh).

    And man, I really do love those pants. They must be pretty noisy when you walk though eh? They look like they must go flap'a flap'a.


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