till the elephants come home.

y'all know i have this thing for animal prints.
it all started with the bird printed blouses from zara, then some adorable vintage horse printed dresses spotted on fellow bloggers, as well as the one from asos.
i don't find many animals roaming around these parts of town, so when i spotted this little number,
it was a no-brainer.

tell me one of your obsessions.

homemade nachos...throw on your leftovers + lots of cheese,
nuke it in the micro till the cheese bubbles, and enjoy!
(top, local boutique (similar)(similar), denim, free people (buy);
necklace, vintage (similar))


  1. This top reminds me of one at Target over the summer. So cool! Of course mine and Kayla's obession is animal print too. Oh, and another obsession-nachos! Those look delicious :)


  2. Love the top! Great print.
    And you always put food photos, making us really hungry. hehe

  3. I used to not like shirts like that because they reminded me of when I used to wear dogs on all my shirts in elementary school haha, but I'm falling in love with them. I'd really like one with birds or turtles strangely enough.

    Also I love the pants. Goes to show not to get rid of things. I used to have flares and I threw them out last year.

    <3 Rachel
    dress ups and mess ups

  4. I like the cut of the top...especially with these jeans!

  5. Just found your lovely blog! I love animal prints on shirts- I have a blouse with raccoons and another with giraffes just to mention a few. And I'll keep on getting more :) Love yours and this whole look on you!

  6. I love these jeans every time you wear them! I tagged you in a VLOG challenge on my blog yesterday... check it out! Also, Enter the My Memories software *GIVEAWAY*
    Peace and Love!

  7. I love the elephants in your top girl and how you paired them with the bell bottom jeans! Awesome! My obsession are ballet flats. I think I love them ALL. HAHA :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  8. I thought I was following your blog? WHAT?! haha Oh well, I am now. That top is amazing, I also love the pants! woot woot!

  9. I truly love your extereme flare jeans. The top looks very comfy.
    So I tried to reply to your comment via email but got rejected as spam so here was my response:
    "Oh, yes, the twilight books are addictive. I read all 4 3 times. I know that is sick.

    I do financial business consulting. I worked for a company that provided a portfolio mgmt system for money managers and broker dealers for 11 years.
    As a result I can consult to any company that still uses that system either at a Business analyst or a project manager capacity.
    To this date even my parents can't describe what I do. :)"

  10. Ahh I LOVE animal prints! How adorable?! And your jeans are perfect! :)

    sorelle in style

  11. I am such a sucker for an animal print. Rawr.
    P.S. I LOVE THESE GIANT-ASS BELLS. They are so hot.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I think my fashion obsession currently is python! This is new for me as it was the unventured territory of animal prints! Love the blouse paired with the bell bottoms, they're amazing together!

  13. love the outfit!! my obsession currently is animal prints and nudes

  14. NO. WAY. Elephants are my favorite animal! This top has my heart!

  15. Ahhh I love my animal prints too, love this top cause of the racer back.. very hot. Goes well with your cowbellz.. and omg homemade nachos! Great idea for lunch for me tomorrow lol.

    And I like that website be in style you were featured on, great everyday tips that I can use and congrats on the feature!

  16. Animal figures are sort of this under the radar trend. Sophistcated casual look on you and those nachos...I'm licking my computer screen right now. I like to add a dash of garlic salt...you?

    Love from Oregon USA,

    an evening at the symphony

  17. Such cute elephant print material!

  18. Kimonos or kimono style jackets. I cannot get enough, and am CONSTANTLY on the hunt for the perfect one, which, in a perfect world would probably be something by Winter Kate, but is not, financially speaking, in the cards for me right now. Sigh.

    Loving the elephant tank, and it's perfection with those supah fly TNT flares.


  19. Cute top! Love the little elephants. I'm really enjoying all these fun prints lately. My obsession isn't any print though, it's just flouncy skirts. That and anything that makes me feel like a gypsy haha.

  20. he! amazing pants, I love

  21. This top is sooo amazing, I love that its shorted in the front, and the back part of it is really cool. And seriously? Elephant print?! SO cute. I'm so obsessed with a good print, going into my closet is like an explosion of prints attacking me

  22. cute little elephants! :) I LOVE animal prints, too! My favorite is a vintage bird skirt I have.

  23. Cute, cute top! My favorites are sparrows and giraffes or the foxes shirt that I have. Loving the jeans as always. Finally shot mine. Will be up in about 2 weeks!


  24. that top is so effin amazing!!!!! deff. my style<3 you look so 70's with those pants.. i just love the look!!!!

    one of my obsessions are cardigans! i would use them with short dresses, jeans, shorts and even maxis! they give that classy final touch :)


  25. love the top. and man do you work that pant. love it.


  26. Adorable top - just love the cute elephant print!

  27. OMFG! I love your jeans!

    Btw, I was going through your closet shop. What size do you wear? I'm a size US 2 so I was wondering if any of your high waist flares would fit me

  28. Cute top! The nachos look yummy! x

  29. you look amazing (as always) and i love that tank! xo


  30. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  31. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  32. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  33. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  34. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  35. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  36. I just love the print of your top! Looks great with your belled jeans!

  37. I'm pretty sure you're the only person that can rock these jeans... I used to wear these crazy big jeans in HS, they were made by a company called "Jnco" and they were insane! I loved them.

    Your shirt is adorable & your nachos look delicious.

  38. Love your top! And you really rock those pants well! One of my obsessions right now are baby-doll dresses!


  39. that elephant top is super duper cute!!! i just got my horse print from asos:))

  40. Following your blog dear thank for your comments!


  41. The print is just gorgeous! I have never seen elephant print before! It's just so unique. I also really like the cut of that top!:) Total great item to have in your closet!

    I am VERY new to this animal print thing. I only have a handful of animal print clothing/accessories, but I really want to get more leopard prints when my shopping ban is over!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  42. I love this! The elephant print is so cute! I'm partial to owls, horses and cats myself :)

  43. yes well i'd have to say that having animal print as your obsession isn't bad...haha it's definitely one of mine..
    my all time favorite thing is thick knits. love them

    kisses from kaitlin

  44. this elephant prined tee is very graphical and the cut is very flattering fantastic with these flare jeans.


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