the aftermath.

hope you all had a wonderful christmas weekend.
i enjoyed spending time with family...eating, playing games and opening presents. i was out of luck in the family dice game, too. i walked away with just a dollar for answering a trivia question, but a good time was still had. the day after christmas was spent cleaning. the tree came down, ornaments and holiday decorations were put away, and the house was cleaned in preparation for the new year.

on this evening, i met up with my friend for our traditional christmas get together and gift exchange. we caught up over dinner and delicious pineapple lychee martinis at this quaint little place downtown. the weather was drizzly and windy, perfect for this warm and festive sweater from jackie.

did you get everything you wanted for christmas?
how long does your christmas tree stay up?

this place is actually a wine bar...
i'll definitely be back to try their wine and cheese platters.
(sweater, gift from jackie (similar); denim, express (similar))

photo: random google search
i had no interest in watching this show based on its name and synopsis, but it turned out to be a surprisingly addictive murder mystery. johnny's mother moves him to palm springs after his father's tragic suicide, but after learning that he moved into the room of a teen who also committed suicide, he discovers that this sunny place has a dark side of its own. the show is somewhat similar to pretty little liars, and for that it gets a:


  1. love your jewelry! and i'll have to check out that show! if it's anything like PLL I am SOLD!

  2. Great casual outfit! I like the stacked bracelets and rings!


  3. Beautiful sweater! This looks like a great casual outfit!

    We usually keep our tree up till after the new year. Not too long though! I'll likely take it down the following weekend.

    - Justine

  4. Relaxed and chic! Love, love this look!

  5. Glad you had a nice relaxing Christmas with the family. This is a great sweater! It's got just the right amount of slouch to it. Our tree comes down shortly after Christmas too. Usually the weekend of New Years or before.

  6. Sounds like Christmas was good to you :) Love time with family!
    And your sweater? Looks AMAZING on you! Your hair is getting SO long... love it!
    Hearing you talk about Hawaii weather makes me wish I was there! But we're going to Maui in May... YAY!

  7. I love the sweater!!! You look great :)

    xo Emma

  8. Aww your Christmas tree is down already? We take it down after new year's. About a week after, near 8th of January. It's usually the day that schools in Greece start again. I don't think that anyone here takes it down earlier.
    I really liked your top!
    And the Tv Series you suggested sounds really interesting, and I'm a huge fan of PLL but it only had one season with 6 episodes :(

  9. I took ours down yesterday too. It is so sad! :-(

    Love this sweater Oomph! I love the necklace as well!

  10. Loving your accessories!! I spy an Arty ring :P

  11. beautiful sweater! i love your bracelets! :D


  12. This sweater is amazing, love the stripes and red is such a great colour on you!! That pineapple drink sounds absolutely delicious too, want to try that!

  13. That is a great sweater!! I also love your hair here. Hidden Palms is actually interesting, I agree. I however still haven't seen Pretty Little Liars, I need to get on that, haha.

  14. I didn't know anyone else who had seen Hidden Palms! When I was stuck home from surgery I started browsing netflix and watched the whole (8 episodes or so) series. It was cheesy like the OC but I enjoyed it!
    Love your xmas sweater :)

  15. i love the sweater!! its so lovely! and wow! u took down the lights and tree day after? some people leave it till feb (my neighbors lol) dang youre my hero! my fam doesnt do the lights and tree festivities but when i move out, i will do just as you do take em down the next day! haha :D

  16. I guesss everyone beat me to it but omg I love the sweater on you so glad you liked it :) gosh I was so taken back from all your gifts! Thank you sooo so much. The gifts were so cute that my mom wanted to steal the blazer :P

    And can you guess which color is on my nails now? ;) perfect for new years!

    And hey maybe we can go get some lychee martinis when I come down!

    Happy new year!

  17. love your pants
    merry christmas from prague

  18. Lovely photos :) love the sweater perfect for cold weather. :)

    Interesting series. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Jewel Clicks

  19. Always gorgeous. Christmas goes on until the 6th of january in Spain, so coping the best we can, LOL.

  20. You hair looks lovely in this post. Is it parted in a different way? That sweater is perfect for a chill night of hanging out and sipping martinis :)

  21. Love this sweater and your HAIR!!!!!!! I am also drooling over all of your accessories.

    Glad to hear your Christmas was wonderful.

    xo Teresa

  22. That sweater and that necklace = HAUTE!

  23. in my country Christmas last until January 15! one of the longest Christmas in the whole world :)

    your outfit was so x-mas-ish<3 really like your accessories!

    kisses and happy 2012,

  24. Hello Becks!
    It's been quite sometime since I've visited your blog. You got me with that red sweater and the gold jewelry. Def my style.
    I've been away from blogging for 6 months now but I am planning to start again soon. So many things have changed for me and I think my blog will be reflecting all that. It's great to see you're doing well. I'll keep you updated and hope to chat soon!


  25. what an amazing loook, red looks so good on you!


  26. My tree is STILL UP! hahaha. I need to take it down soon, though. Your Christmas activities sound lovely and relaxing! I want me one of those martinis, please! And while you're at it, throw in one of those sweaters my way!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  27. loving that sweater! You look beautiful! xo

  28. Love your accessories, ALL of them you made a great choice with each of them.


  29. Yum, that martini sounds amazing! Love this look too :)
    xo Jac

  30. That sweater is so gorgeous! I love the drapey (is that a word? it is now...) quality of it.

    Glad you had such a lovely holiday!

  31. Love your sweater and accessories! So cute.

  32. It's quite late to post, but I happened by and saw that sweater you were wearing and I loved it. Also I usually only keep my christmas stuff up until after the new year maybe a week after. We decorate the house A LOT!

  33. I love that outfit! So adorable. Sadly I let my tree stay up crazy long before I take it down.


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