don't get your panties in a bunch.

these striped tees have been getting a lot of wear, but they are usually layered under a sweater or blazer. my striped tee before these had 3/4 length sleeves that would bunch up right at my elbows...so i grabbed this black and white one at a local store for $8 and the brown one from express on black friday. now my sleeves can see the light of day.

i really hate when i order salads at restaurants and they are drenched with too much dressing. i really wanted to enjoy my salad today, but i didn't pack enough dressing.
hard to enjoy either way.
how about you...would you prefer too much dressing
or not enough dressing?

today's salad: romaine, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, chick peas, peppers and pasta with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

leopard + accessory cravings:
access code: oomph.Obsessed


  1. I love the photos, cute striped top!!!

    xo Emma

  2. Too much dressing is so frustrating!! Depending on the salad sometimes not enough isn't too bad.
    I love the double striped action you have going on. They're some really wonderful striped tops too.

  3. Love love love your necklace!!!! And I'm so into striped tops lately too but like you all of mine are either short sleeves or 3/4! guess I'll need to get myself a long sleeve one!

    xo Jackie
    SHOP mark. Fashion & Beauty this Holiday Season!

  4. that chunky necklace is so amazing! and i love the arm party you've got so adorable!

    xoxo katlin

  5. Man oh man... Too much dressing? Or too little? Both can be really awful! Probably depends on the salad but I think I would rather have too little instead of too much. Also, I ALWAYS order my dressing on the side when eating out.

    Thanks for the bracelet hook up! I'm jealous you're wearing shorts! It was a high of 38 today here in the "heart of America"!

    Great casual outfit today!

    - Justine

  6. Love the accessories!!!!!


  7. I would even prefer no dressing to too much- I don't really like dressing and I hate when its drenched.

  8. youre too cute! love the stripes and the bike is so cute! i have a beach cruiser too, it'd be so fun to ride together!
    x jamie

  9. Love the bike as a prop!


  10. Love my veggies, but love them drenched in salad dressing more! I also love the bike and the stripes on stripes action here Oomph!

  11. I am obsessed with stripes! Love this look :) your salad looks delicious! I suppose if I had to choose between too much or too little dressing I would say to much... I think... maybe not... eeek! it's to hard, ha ha :)

    Love, Vanilla

  12. Your necklace is crazy gorgeous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. Such an adorable look. Accessories are STUNNING!


  14. Nautical stripes paired with shorts and converse sneakers make for a great and comfortable outfit.

    And I really like the retro styling on that bicycle! I've been wanting a retro bicycle for YEARS, but can't find one anywhere in South Africa (except outside antique store, entirely rusted with a pot of flowers in the basket as a decoration).

    And since I like foodie questions: I'm definitely a less-is-more person when it comes to salad dressing! I like the freshness and depth of taste of the veggies to speak for themselves.

  15. Love the double stripes and that necklace together! I would prefer not enough dressing because I don't like soggy lettuce :) Heather

  16. You look great! Love your bracelets!



  17. love the first photo and i need to buy two things: chucks and new sets of undies.

    also, i don't like too much dressing on my salad. alters the taste so much.

  18. Really nice look! Love stripes!
    The salad looks yummy! I would definitely prefer too much dressing, to not enough dressing.

  19. Sweet bike! I'd rather there be too much dressing than not enough, but I don't eat salads very often in winter anyway.

  20. Love the stripes on stripes oomph! Genius! I always ask for salad dressing on the side. :D

  21. I love stripes on stripes, they're perfect with this entire look. love!

  22. you look adorable! Love the bike and you've mixed stripes here so well. Yes, I'm very sad to leave Hawaii but it was time. Like I told you, the big island was sort of a dead end road for me. I loved it but theres no work there. On to the next thing. So happy we got to have our blogger meet up!

  23. Love the stripes! I think I'd rather have too much dressing... but I love dressing so maybe Im biased!

  24. Cute! Your necklace is absolutely adorable too! I wish it was warm enough where I live for shorts and biking!


  25. Oh, I eat my salad specifically FOR the dressing! lol That's probably why I can't loose this belly. Ha!

    I love that black & white tee! I was looking for one like that just yesterday and couldn't find one anywhere.

  26. I love the bike, I want one just like it. I've posted your prize so look out for it. XOXO

  27. I think I prefer not enough dressing over too much. When there's too much it basically becomes inedible, in my opinion.. especially if said dressing in oil or vinegar based.. yeck.

    Love your outfit and the pops of blue.. the nail color is hot! This post makes me miss my hats (I put those suckers away for the winter) ;[

  28. If I had to pick, I'd rather have not enough. Drenched salads are not yummy and it gets too limp for my taste. So jealous you can wear shorts....

  29. I think too much is definitely worse, but yeah...either way isn't good.

    I'm so jealous that you still get to wear shorts ;)

  30. I only wish I could be wearing shorts right now....
    I think I need to move to Hawaii! (Hey, at least I'll be vacationing in May. YAY!)
    I always, always, always order my dressing on the side. I can't stand when my salad is drenched with dressing.

  31. that bike is fabulous! I want one! And I am really loving your outfit too :)

  32. stripes on stripes, sister! You do it well! :)

    I always like to prepare my own salads or order the dressing on the side because people just DRENCH it with the stuff. ew.

    Happy Weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  33. loving the stripes on stripes here. that necklace is fantastic! and you look great in the hat.


  34. Oh i love your outfit!! The stripes are great. The salad looks delicious! I think I would prefer not enough dressing. It comes with a lot less guilt. haha!

  35. Your blog is phenomenal! Great post! I just found your blog, so I'm a new follower. :) Do the same?


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