the lovely danielle of danielle celeste sent me one of her beautiful, handmade originals...this asymmetrical burnout cardigan. the lighting in my photos doesn't do it justice, but it's a beautiful ivory color, and the lightweight material makes it a versatile piece for this warm-weathered state. i look forward to working it into my current wardrobe.
thanks, danielle!

by the way, this is the package that took over one month to get here. i included a picture of the postage date for proof.
have faith in the postal system, my friends.

so blogger finally added a "reply" button to our comments. it's nice to have the option to respond to your comments directly. but, i'm curious...do you re-visit posts to read replies? do you subscribe to comments? or do you prefer a response via email or on your blog?

arrived january 18, 2012.
carrot cake...mini-he chose this because of the "white stuff".
the boy loves his frosting.
(cardigan, c/o danielle celeste (buy); dress, american apparel (similar);
shoes, nine west (buy))

find these and more favorites at currently obsessed.


  1. You look so classy with your pearls, and I love polka dot tights lately! The cardigan is so pretty and elegant too. Great outfit dear! xx


  2. Oh my goodness. Is it really handmade? It's gorgeous.

  3. This is sooo amazing, I love the sweater!! What a gorgeous piece, and even better that it's from another blogger. Those tights + shoes are soo fantastic too. Love this! With the reply button I only look back if I asked a question. I wish it would give little notifications

  4. What a beautiful cardigan! And I loved the pearls and the shoes! And the carrot cake with the frosting, yummy!
    I did re-visit blogs in the past to see if they replied to my comments, but I don't anymore. It takes a lot of time. But it's nice to see that the bloggers respond to their readers' comments.
    On my blog, as you may have noticed, I've put a reply plug-in which sends an email to the commenter, every time someone replies on their comment. I hope it's not annoying...I like it, and I haven't had any complaints.
    As for the new blogger reply, I saw it too on some bloggers over this past week, but I must say that since they put it, I'm having some trouble commenting on some blogs. I press the publish button again and again and sometimes it isn't even being published. It's so frustrating. I don't know why this is is happening.

    1. i agree! I've had a hard time commenting on a few blogs that require a verification code.

    2. i've had trouble commenting, too....it just freezes when i try to comment. i guess the timing makes sense as this was when blogger implemented the reply button??

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that you paired it with those tights and those amazing shoes. They are my favorites!

  6. Becca your tights are amazing!!! I love them! Extremely flattering for those lovely legs!

  7. The sweater is lovely...slow postal service and all! Worth waiting for. I do occasionally go back to look at replies, but not all the time.

  8. I love that your cardi is longer than your dress- its like a jacket look but less warm/ indoor appropriate! Great stockings too!

  9. Super cute outfit! That cardigan is fab-U-lous! How sweet of her. Sometimes I check posts the day before, but not a lot. Now I want a slice of carrot cake. Darn you Becks! HAHAHA


  10. omg omg the nine west shoessss!!! I literally went back and forth debating to buy these. I they look so good on you!! and that cardi is perfect for hawaii!

    xo Jackie

  11. Pretty! Very delicate...that last shot shows off the hemline beautifully! Hope you had a fabulous New Year's babe!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such awesome comments, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  12. I started to have comments sent to my email so I could reply that way (although the commenter has to have an email address "attached" to their profile for it to work) but it does get overwhelming sometimes.

    Lovely cardigan you were sent. It looks so floaty and beautiful! And mmmmm carrot cake. It seems like I leave your blog craving SOMETHING. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  13. I love your tights too :-)
    If I've asked a question then I will check back to see if it has been answered or the next time I visit that blog I will look to see if my previous comments have been replied to. I don't think many people check to see if they get replies though especially when most comments on nail blogs, like mine, just express a positive reaction to a manicure or polish.

  14. i prefer a comment on my blog cause it's difficult to backtrack. i love the tights and that cardigan is definitely worth the wait.

  15. Love this!
    Claudia xxx

  16. I Love your pearls and your tights! <3

  17. That cardigan is absolutely amazing on you. How clever and kind of Danielle.

  18. I love this look. It reminds me of an edgier Audrey Hepburn.
    I never revisit blogs to look at replies. If anything, sending an email is the best bet.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. It's a great cardigan! LOVE the uneven hem! Digging the tights and the shoes too!!


  20. loving this monochrome look, those shoes are awesome! :) i usually go to other peoples blogs and comment if they comment on mine and like it if they do the same, i never revisit posts x

  21. Great photos!!!
    Love the outfit!!!

  22. Becks, do you know how to turn on the reply in blog comments? In answer to your questions, I don't usually return to a post to read replies. Often someone comes to my blog and replies on one of my posts. Sometimes email. Kind of like how we have commmuniqued. LV at Food Fashion and Flow remarked one time that the replies are for other readers to read to see how available and friendly that you are. Ciao

  23. Re: I guess I'm kind of slow but I just realized that anyone can reply to someone else. In that case, I think the reply button is going to be a great community creator.

  24. THAT cardigan is beautiful. I love it especially with the dress and the gorgeous tights! I am so glad that blogger has the reply button. now I don't have to hunt an email addy down to reply to questions!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  25. Girl, great minds think alike! I actually wore my cardigan this way too with very similar accessories. You look amazing and that cardigan is FABULOUS!!!

  26. What a cute outfit! I love your tights and the bottom of your dress! You look so classy, chic and pretty as always! :)

    xoxo Rosalia

  27. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits dear! You look absolutely stunning!



  28. You make pearl look sooo cool. I am normally not a pearl girl but when I see your outfits I love them.
    Shoes are gorgeous. At Zappos on my other screen! :)

  29. This sweater is one of the loveliest I've seen!

    <3 Cambria

  30. oh really a classy and elegant look, reminds me of audrey hepburn and the cardigan really is a dream, i love this burnout velvet fabric, it is really fabulous but hard to get in good quality
    love and kiss,mary

  31. Amazing!! Lovely shoes!!

  32. Such an absolutely gorgeous sweater...and the polka dotted tights are pretty fabulous, too :)

    I don't normally go back to check for responses on comments, really. Sometimes, it's all I can do to find time to check a post the first time, so unless I've asked a specific question that I think will be answered in a return comment, I don't check to see if anyone responded.


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