mean girls.

boy, what a weekend.
wore this to mini-she's school banquet on friday night. it was a buffet dinner preceded and followed by tons of raffle ticket giveaways. right off the bat, our family won a jamba juice gift card and a box of girl scout thin mint cookies. the best item was an ipad2 prize pack...and the contest? five people were selected for a temple run play off. mini or i would have
killed it! sadly, we weren't selected.
the banquet was bittersweet. mini-she's been experiencing some tween drama at school. one girl is trying to turn everyone against her, has been spreading rumors about her, and plays nasty jokes on her. in the process, she has lost a few of her good friends and got kicked off a certain table that night. this mama was so ready to confront those mean girls at the banquet and give them a piece of my mind, but thanks to terri and some family members, i kept quiet. so hard to see them go thru this.

saturday was a full day of tournament softball games. mini-she's team played three games, won one. we were in the hot sun from 7am - 3pm. i was secretly glad they lost the last game otherwise we would've had to stay for a fourth game at 5pm.

met up with the gang this morning for our beach workout. we did the beach run four times with resistance band exercises in between each one. i needed to work off all the thin mints i ate, but my legs are not happy.

(dress, local design by gillia via local boutique (similar)(maxi); shoes, nine west)


congrats to jaz of fluffy fashion cents for winning
the earrings from simoni textile designs!

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  1. you look tall and skinny in this maxi dress, i really love the prints on it:))

  2. Adore this dress! I'm so sorry your girl is having to go through the mean girl stuff. I'm honestly dreading all of that stuff, but gosh i see it starting even at 3, with the hurtful words and the "I'm not your friend" crap. Tell her to stay strong and that it's not her it's them and their issues. Hugs to her!

  3. If I lived in Hawaii I'd totally be inviting myself to the beach workouts :) Working out at the beach is the only way exercise sounds appealing, haha.
    I'm so sorry your mini she is going through drama! That is the worst. I'll be praying for you to stay strong through this, and that she will come out on top when all is said and done!

  4. The dress is really striking on you. I like the big print. Sorry to hear that mini's problems continue...

  5. Gorgeous dress. Love your accessories.

    Oh no. Not tween drama. That's just unfortunate. But everyone goes through it. It's just her learning experience. Surely she'll come out smarter and better. And know who her real friends are.

  6. wow what a gorgeous dress! you look amazing :)


  7. What an amazing dress. That print is stunning and I love how you accessorized it.

  8. Kids can be so cruel, especially little girls! Good work on keeping quiet, I'm sure it was so hard!

  9. Yeah, tween and teen drama is painful to watch when it's your child. Having a teen and even a 6 year old (it seems to be starting earlier with this one), is so hard! I've just learned to sit back and let them work it out on their own unless it becomes a major problem. Girls are so mean though!

    Your dress is fantastic! The sandals are the perfect pairing :) Heather

  10. I want both that nutella and go and your thin mints NOW! haha! If it were me, I think I would have a hard time not intervening with the little brats at school.

  11. I do NOT miss being a teenage, middle school aged girl!! Poor mini-she, that sucks, Im sure things will work themselves out though.
    I realllly love this strapless maxi dress it has the best print on it! So great with that pop of pink

  12. you looki amazing in that dress!! i love the pink clutch!! i'm so sorry about minishe's situation :( hope it all works out and ends soon. kids can be so mean :(

  13. The black+white combo is perfect!


    Ps- Thanks for the comment...I am now following you on Bloglovin if you would like to do the same! :)

  14. I love the graphic print of your dress. I am sorry that your daughter is experiencing difficulties with other children at school. Despite what ill-will others may wish us or wrongs they may cause us, we each of us have the power to maintain the temperature of our own thermostat. This might be a good opportunity to foster within your daughter an internal locus of control rather than externalizing the leaking of her power, happiness, circumstances to other people. I know that it may sound radical but she could even shoulder the responsibity for what others have done against her and apologize and give them cookies or a gift or invite them to play. I realize that this goes against conventional wisdom but what not to do is allow a space for the little girl to nurse wounds-justified as they may be--because this only creates a victim mentality. In the end the stronger person and leader will be able to shoulder the praise and the blame for themselves and others. I hope this gives you some food for thought and adds to your life and your daughter's happiness. Love Danielle

  15. Gorgeous dress and love the pop of pink! So sorry to hear about the drama with mini-she...mean girls are no good!

  16. it's really sad that bullying has become "normal" and "apart of growing up." please DO ALWAYS SPEAK UP! its important!!! you should talk to those girls and their parents and most importantly, the school. bullying scars for life and as mama bear, i totally encourage you to do what you feel is right :) lots of love and hugs to your baby girl!

    love, jamie

  17. I love this dress and I loooooove the combination black&white with pink purse!! Beautiful:-)


  18. oh those girls seem to be so mean..!
    i love this outfit! the combination of black white and pink is so lovely! x

  19. So sorry to hear about those awful girls! I was a bit of a bully growing up but I learned eventually that everyone HATES a bully. I hope that girl grows some sense soon

  20. I'm not sure I could have restrained myself from saying anything. Some things I can't handle...mean girls are one of them.
    You look beautiful!

  21. LOOOOVE the graphic print of that black and white maxi! The pink clutch is perfection with it :) Wow, such a busy weekend, compared to my sitting on the couch and eating things that are bad for me and watching mindless tv :(


  22. love your dress. I think I would have made a scene and put those mean girls in their place! lol Sorry you have to deal with that, I hate mean girls!!!!


  23. First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your little one's troubles at school. My oldest son has been experiencing something similar. Kids can be so cruel. I hope that she finds some peace and that things start to calm down.

    Second, you look absolutely stunning in this dress!

  24. I hate girls like that. That is nothing but a sign of jealousy and they want to alienate her. They won't get far, but it's very hurtful and hard to explain to them at that age. HORRIBLE! I hope things turn around. Congrats on the wins Beck! I LOVE your dress and those shoes. They are so sharp!

  25. Beautiful dress! Love the print!


  26. Psh, they're THIN mints, you don't have to work anything off haha... Besides, torturing yourself with extreme exercise over a few sweet treats is silly. You should exercise because it's good for you and it feels good to move your body, not because you ate a slice of cake or a few cookies. Keep that in mind the next time you go for your workout :) The print on that dress is fantastic! Sorry to hear mini-she is having a hard time at school, girls can be so mean.

  27. Love it <3!!! Great blog, very cute!! Visit my blog and if you like it to follow me on google friends and I will be happy to follow you back <3

  28. Loving that maxi dress with the pop of pink!

    The Other Side of Gray

  29. what a super hot maxi! You are the poshest of all posh mothers, I swear!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  30. Beautiful dress!!!

  31. Nutella snack! OMG! SO CUTE! I love this maxi too, looks great! xx

  32. Hi there! What a bonding time you got with your kids.:) that gurls is such a mean, I don't think what will I gonna do if that happen to one of my kids. Love your nutella snack, my fave spread.

  33. haha what a drama at the banquet. so uncalled for! >:(

    anyway thanks for dropping the lovely comment at my blog! your coin necklace is adorable. the heels are hot too :)


  34. You look great in this dress! Love the geometrical prints!
    You have a great body, you don't have to work anything off!
    I'm so sorry to hear about mini-she. Kids can be really mean sometimes!

  35. you look beautiful.
    the drama stinks!


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