patty's closet. the floral blouse.

i love the simplicity of jeans and a tee.
it's comfortable and practical for anyone who's on the go.
but on the occasion that you need a more polished look, swap out your cotton tee for a silk or chiffon tee. this bright blue blouse from Patty's Closet is the perfect example of a dressier "tee". i kept the flats for comfort, added a few key accessories, and layered a vest for depth. i could easily throw on a blazer and my red heels for an evening out.

visit Patty's Closet to find a location near you, and do
check out their selection of printed tops.

f'real milkshakes
these shake machines hit gas station convenience stores recently, and according to mini-she, they're all the rage. so, we had to give it a try. there's always a line, and each shake takes 1 minute, 7 seconds. after you select your flavor from the refrigerators, this is what happens: see video clip.
oh, and they're good, but at a whopping 500+ calories,
they will be more of an exception than the norm.
do you have f'real shakes in your area?
(top c/o Patty's Closet; pacsun denim (buy);
tory burch shoes (buy); mark bag; ON cargo vest (similar))

Patty's Closet: facebook | instagram | shop twitter

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  1. Gorgeous floral top! I love how it pops against the neutrals.


  2. Ohhh I love this blouse, perfect piece to dress up some jeans and a vest

  3. I love this combo. We do not have f'real shakes in Chicago, but now I wish we did!

    1. maybe it will eventually get to chicago! thanks!

  4. Such a pretty floral top! I love it against the trench-coat vest!



  5. You always make me smily because you seem so happy in your photos :D Love the look and the shake. But 500+ calories is too much. :-(


  6. I think jeans&tee is a comfy combo too! I've never heard of f'real shakes, it looks interesting, but 500+ calories! lol :D

    Sun and Sand

  7. i love that floral top, and it is great with that vest. i have never heard of those shakes...which is probably a good thing! ;)

  8. gorgeous outfit, and love how you styled this gorgeous floral top with the green clutch!

    Do you wanna follow each ohter on bloglovin?

    Chris x


  9. I have never seen these shakes. They look pretty good though. This floral top and vest is a great combo!

  10. cute shirt. We have those machine here to. I have yet to try them.

  11. Fabulous top becks!

  12. Love this look! The colors, the shoes (swoon!), the tee...all amazing! xo

  13. love the floral design! definitely pops and brightens up any day :)

    if you can pop by my blog later. need your advice on some blog stuff xox

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  14. love how you dressed down that fancy top with a cargo vest! pretty sweet that that you can get a shake at a convenience store. i'll have to try them out sometime.


  15. I mentioned that I loved this top in instagram but it doesn't hurt to rave about how great it is again. You look amazing. I really love the vest over the top.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  16. i really like that blue on you, pretty lady!! and i might have to track down a shake!

  17. I love a great tee, and the vest and bright clutch are wonderful additions. I've seen those shakes on Instagram, but I'm holding off on trying 'em ... I think I already have enough indulgences! :)


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