tigers + mooncakes.

happy mid-autumn festival.
while i am part chinese, i never really partook in festival activities; to be honest, i don't even know the meaning behind it. an old employee and friend [who moved back to taiwan] is here on vacation and brought some delicious mooncakes making this a good time to learn about it. here's what i found out:
- mid-autumn festival or chinese moon festival is one
of the most important festivals for the chinese people;
it's an official holiday.
- ancient chinese believed the movement of the moon played an important role in the changing of seasons and agricultural production. they worshiped the moon and gave offerings
of thanks for successful crops.
- round shape of the mooncake symbolizes reunion of family. eating mooncakes together with family and enjoying the moon at its fullest is an important part of the festival.
(google search)

wearing another great Patty's Closet [Mililani] find. it was a toss up between a grey leopard print blouse and this tiger top. tiger won.

ambassador green tea & red bean mooncake.
(Patty's Closet top c/o; pacsun pants; JustFab shoes c/o)

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  1. I think mooncakes are the prettiest delicacies. I've never had one. Great explanation, because I didn't know the meaning behind it. Love your top!

    1. they are really pretty and some of them are packaged really nice :)

  2. I've never had a mooncake. It looks so pretty and delicious. I really like your shoes! The tiger top looks so comfy too. :)

    1. this was my first! really good! thanks.

  3. Cool top and pants. I love moon cake, but some of them have the egg in the middle and it's salty - tastes weird.

    1. yes, that's the traditional mooncake...never tried that one :)

  4. One of my students had a mooncake at lunch today! It took all my willpower not to steal a bite! They look so tasty!!


    1. they are! nowadays, there a so many varieties/flavors.

  5. I just love love love those shoes but I seriously have way too many pointed toe, ankle strap heels. Its a bit ridiculous!!

    Hope you're having a fab week.


    Pursuit of Shoes

  6. You always have such great style. I love that shirt. I have been looking for something similar but with a lion (lions are kind of my favorite animal).

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. Love the shoes and your pants. It looks really comfy and I'm no Chinese but where I live, we celebrate Moon or Moon cake festival. I haven't even tried eating 'em. Maybe this weekend.

  8. I love the clutch and the top!

  9. Nice look! I've never heard of mooncakes before but now I know :) Sounds like fun!

    Sun and Sany

  10. Cats on shirts is such a cool trend right now! It so gorgeous how you paired that shirt with very classy shoes and pants.


  11. I love when people wear pants like these with shoes like those. It's one of my favorite looks!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse


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