peplum + denim.

i'm not sure why it took me so long, but i can finally check basic peplum top off of my wardrobe wishlist. when peplum first hit the blogosphere, i thought a simple black or white one would be a nice upgrade from the plain t-shirt. well, theory confirmed. i'm all about finding ways to make casual outfits more presentable, because comfort is key. i was pleasantly surprised with this peplum top from Choies. the quality exceeded my expectations, and it feels like a blend that will not wrinkle after washing. i sized up to a medium, and it fit perfectly.

the second musical i saw this weekend was a local production called, A Korean Cinderella. it was the story of cinderella with a k-pop (korean pop music) spin. it was freaking hilarious. my high school classmate was in it, and he was amazing...
they all were.

the show's stage, and the tripod i finally purchased.
(ravelli 61" tripod via amazon (buy))
(top c/o Choies (buy); pacsun denim; victoria's secret shoes; JustFab bag c/o)

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  1. OMG I have those shoes and totally forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder :) Looking fab as usual!

    YES!! I want to go back and get the skirt now. LOVE IT!!

    Pursuit of Shoes

  2. I love this top so much! I only own one peplum top and it is striped--so not quite a neutral. I love this casual look. The heels are great and your earrings are FAB!!!!

  3. Adorable! The top looks great and I love that you paired it with jeans :)

  4. Me too - I like making casual clothes more presentable too. I wonder if it's a mom-thing (lol)?

    Those shoes are good ideas. I think a statement necklace would also work for the basic black peplum.

  5. Love this. Classy, but bold look. The peplum is gorgeous with the pop of leopard! Really love how you styled this!


  6. LOVE this look, so perfect and simple. The peplum is wonderful with those jeans and the leopard print is such a great pop

  7. love how a simple peplum instantly dresses up a casual look!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. SUPER cute! I love that peplum with those jeans. Great peacock earrings and leopard shoes. Congrats on the tripod!

  9. you look so good!! I love how peplum looks on a lot of people but not really on me..T.T I find that it looks very unflattering from the side esp if you get more curves like me :p
    You look gorgeous though! love the pumps as well!

  10. Perfect. That is how I would descirbe this outfit. pinning it onto my inspiration board, love it! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  11. Nice combo between peplum and denim! How cool you saw your classmate in the musical!

    Sun and Sany

  12. Love it! Love how you styled your peplum top. I only wore mine on two occasions and first was NYE, second was just chillin' at the mall. I love the structure of a peplum top and my gosh, the arch of your back, it looks amazing!

  13. That musical sounds brilliant!

  14. you look gorgeous!! love this!!

  15. I could wear this exact outfit every single day and never tire of it. The uniform. xo

  16. You can do so much with this top. I love simple and classic pieces

  17. Love love love love your outfit!! That top is fantastic!!

    Best, Mree

  18. Love the peplum the shoes and the bag! I would so wear that outfit, in fact I have similar pieces that I could throw together to make that outfit. very casual yet chic.


  19. This look is gorgeous! I love peplum tops but you kind of need the right figure for them. That big golden bracelet and your awesome heels are so perfect for this look. =)



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