the cut-out sweater.

fall, are you coming?
because i have lots of sweaters waiting to be worn.
i'm not kidding when i say i have been living in this sweater. i've worn it to work, to the movies, to the store, out shopping, lunching, and having wine with the neighborhood mamas. it's one of those that you kinda wish you bought a second one for backup.

it was mini-she's birthday weekend. i tried to plan a last-minute surprise dinner with a few of her friends on friday night...it ended up raining, and traffic was bad. plus, all of the restaurants had a 45min-1hr wait. we hopped around to several different restaurants and finally settled on mexican. (thanks, T, for treating us!). in the end, the girls had a good time.

how was your weekend?

top: after mexican, we stopped at menchies for fro-yo.
bottom: her ice cream cake from yesterday's celebration
with the family.
(sweater c/o Patty's Closet; true religion denim; boots & bag c/o JustFab)

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  1. I would wear the crap out of that sweater too. You look great as always! Happy Birthday to your daughter too. She is pretty just like her mama :)

  2. That sweater has my name written all over it!!!


  3. Cozy sweater. I slept my weekend away and finally had that much needed rest.

  4. You look very chic & edgy, great outfit!

  5. Super cute sweater! Aww that's mini-she??? She's not as mini as I thought she was, hehe! :)

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Love the torn shoulder sweater especially with the mint necklace.

  7. Nice weekend you had! I spent mine with friends, mostly partying haha

    Sun and Sany

  8. LOVE this knit! well...the entire look really! ;) and happy b-day to your lady, my little girl turned 3 yesterday so we did the b-day over the weekend too!

  9. Rockin outfit Becks! I love that top and boots. Glad she had a great time. Love that cake.

  10. oooh great sweater! and that ice cream cake looks so delish :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  11. Happy Birthday to mini-she! Her cake looks delicious! Yum!
    Loved your boots, and your sweater!

  12. Ahh im so excited to wear all my sweaters too! :D Love fall!

  13. okay i love that sweater! i was eyeing a heart sweater with cut outs at F21 online. i love menchies, go there a lot with the kiddos after school :) happy birthday to your mini-me!


  14. love it!!! i had a weekend spent with friends.

  15. it is a really nice sweater so i don't blame you wearing it everywhere! haha
    i can't wait for Autumn to arrive either to wear some new and old sweaters xx

  16. So chic lady.

  17. what a cute sweater. my cousin did this with a tee shirt and it looked just like the ones they sold for way to much money . No for me at my age but for the younger ones.thanks

  18. Very cute sweater! Love the necklaces too!


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