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[This post is sponsored by Huggies;
all dirty hands and opinions are our own.]

hope everyone had a nice weekend celebrating with or remembering the fathers or father figures in your lives. the guys in our family just wanted to be near the tv at 2pm (NBA game), so we just hung out and ate. 

over the weekend, i picked up a couple new clutches that i wanted to share with you. i loved the fun bright prints and thought they would be perfect for summer. in addition, they have wrist straps in case i want to go hands-free or even hook them onto a bigger bag. but, the absolute best part about these clutches is on the flip side. scroll down to see what i'm talking about...

wait, what's that?
seriously, though, how cute are these? this clutch comes in three adorable designs and can be refilled with your favorite baby wipes. when you're on the go, no more lugging around the big tub or those hard cases, nor do you have to be inconspicuous when making a diaper-change run to the bathroom. you can proudly flaunt these stylish baby wipes.

i know many of my long-time blog friends are new moms, so here's to keeping it stylish as you transition from fashionistas to fashionable moms (and dads!).

obviously, we had to move...
foxy brown was about to chomp that cookie!
mini-he is well out of diapers, but his messes keep on coming. i'm always needing a wet napkin, and these work perfectly.
in addition to changing diapers, these baby wipes are also great for cleaning sticky hands, messy faces, and the table when you're done, wiping down shopping carts, and even removing makeup.

click to learn more about Huggies® Clutch 'n' Clean Wipes and see how you can keep it stylish while on the go. which design would you choose?



  1. Even before I had my newest little one, I was a big fan of baby wipes and had them on hand. They are so much easier than napkins! What a cute idea for the clutch!

  2. Yeah, I thought its a clutch for make ups? hahaha! That's so cool, I will share this to my sister for easy clean up with her baby whenever we are out.


  3. Those shoes are fab! Love the dress too.


  4. That is SO CUTE and smart! Ahh! Huggies is winning.
    And you look fab, per usual!


  5. The back of your dress is really cute and so are the clutches. I have these shoes and I always love seeing other bloggers wear them. They are the best.

    What kind of dog do you have? So adorable!

  6. I love your dress! It is beautiful and has a great print. Those heels are amazing as well, but I would never be able to walk in them.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. That dress is super cute on you Becks! I love the sassy back and print! Wipes are so important! Great uses!

  8. I LOVE this dress! So cute! And perfect with those heels!

  9. Cute pup!! Love the dress on you.. Too bad everything I try on I end up hating. Am I the only one??

  10. lol I had no idea they were huggies wipes holders, what a great idea. I love those shoes!

  11. I love the print on your dress!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. I totally didn't realize those were wipes until I scrolled down. So stylish. Totally going to get one for the car and beach tote.
    Love your dress and shoes too.

  13. This really did fool me! Lol! These are a necessity with kids and summer! Beautiful look, as usual. Those heels are perfect!


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