a hungering for attention.

yes, guys...it's a new book! after three months, i finally finished live wire and i'm moving on to the hunger games. i know i'm way behind on this, but mini-she bought the book and i need some easy reading to make up for the last couple of months. i'm still not on the bandwagon, but that's what i said about twilight and i ended up buying all the books. we shall see.

this week it's all about colored denim [and a few other things sprinkled in]. the trends have pressured us to color block and pair brights with brights, but sometimes everything just blends together. lately i've been pairing my colored denims with neutrals so there's no question as to where the focus should be.

have you read the hunger games?
how do you wear your colored denims?

(denim, f21)


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Hunger Games was really good. I finished all three in like one weekend. Couldn't put it down.

Sakuranko said...

Hehehehe This outfit is really cute, your red pants are really cute!


Unknown said...

I love the two shades of gray with the red pants! So nice and I have a lot of friends also reading these books and reading them within a week, so I may have to get these too! xx


Bonnie said...

Look at you rocking the four-eyes and being all bookish! I love it. LOVE IT. Also, I'm stealing these pants from you. And you have great hair. The end.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lisa said...

My boyfriend and I watched The Hunger Games and liked it, but we haven't read the book yet! I want to get into colored denim, but I always forget to grab them when I'm out shopping!

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SpryOnTheWall said...

Love the red denim! I just finished the last Hunger Games book a couple of weeks ago. They are good, the second one was my fave. Let us know how you like them!

Loves Happy Hour said...

haven't read the hunger games yet! my friend told me to start reading it last year, but i didn't and now i regret not doing it sooner. I wish i could wear colored denim! i keep trying it on, but my thighs are just way to thick for it to look decent on me, so i just stick to the basics! these red ones you have on are pretty dope! great look!

helloadastra said...

I do the same with my coloured denim! Since I'm still not quite comfortable with colour blocking I find that it's the easiest route to pair them with neutrals :) I love your red denim! I've been meaning to buy a red one or a burgundy red colour but still haven't found my perfect pair yet :P Oh, i still have to check out Hunger Games - book and movie wise...ugh I'm so behind, it's a bit embarrassing :$ haha

Unknown said...

love the glasses..it makes you look smart :-)..i haven't read the book or watch the movie..lately don't read, i need to change that.
love how you paired your red pants with neutrals..you can pull off anything...


Meri said...

you will tear through that book! I read the first one in like two reading sessions, but haven't read book 2 or 3 yet!

Frannie Pantz said...

I have to admit, my rebellious side is keeping me from reading the books or seeing the movie because of all the hype. Even though I hear they are really good. Nonetheless, you look great! I agree--sometimes neutrals with colored denims are just the right combo.

Anonymous said...

I'm just now reading the Hunger Games myself...and I know I'm a little behind the times. I'm enjoying it though.

Jan said...

I haven't started but I already have the ebooks :)

I have a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Brittany Sims said...

Oooh I like your necklace. I haven't started reading the books but its on my list of books to read.


Unknown said...

you look so groovy!

trishie said...

I loved the hunger games book! I only read the first one though, hope you enjoy all 3.

Love your red jeans

Elisse said...

hey girl!!! I just finished reading the Hunger Games series - and I thought it was really good! I think I like the first book the best.

As for wearing colored denim, I like to wear it with a printed/laced/striped top and a cardigan or blazer. At least that's what's working for me right now :)

OreAkinwale said...

I love the neon belt! Very in this summer!



Laura said...

I've read The Hunger Games and, although I loved it, there's not yet any sign of a relationship that can rival Bella and Edward's so I don't know if this trilogy can compete with Twilight for me. Saying that, I've borrowed the second book from the library and plan to read it in the next couple couple of weeks...
As for coloured denim, I have blue (indigo) jeans which I haven't yet been brave enough to wear. Not sure what to wear with them really.

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Love the little details to this outfit, super into triangles and spikes!

I havent read the books yet but I watched the Hunger Games film... it was OK but I wasn't as blown away as everyone else seemed to be! I generally prefer reading so will probably give the books a go! xx

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shoppanna said...

Great outfit! Lovely pants :) Feel free to visit my blog ♥ http://shoppanna.blogspot.com

Julia said...

Those red jeans look incredible on you & I LOVE your chunky jewellery <3

Sometimes books take a while to get into. Sometimes it taked me a month or so just to read one book!
I haven't read the Hunger Games yet but I'm sure one day I will get around to it, they sound very good.

Diane and Chad said...

I am a huge reader and thought I wouldn't like Hunger Games....I was very wrong. It has become one of my all-time favorites....it sucked me right in! The 1st of the three is the best, but all three are well worth the time!

Susan said...

Yes, I read all 3 and loved them! You will need to read the MazeRunner trilogy next if you enjoy the Hunger Games. Let us know!
And I am all about colored denim lately. I grabbed a royal blue pair and now a peach pair that I hope to wear with chambray. Love the red though!

Balancing Lisa said...

you look beautiful and you are going to LOVE the hunger games! I read all 3 in 2 weeks (would have been faster if I had no work/kids/life! lol Enjoy! xo


Call me M said...

Lately I've been doing a lot of color blocking, especially with pastels! I don't own a read pair of jeans yet, but I definitely want one!
Haven't read the Hunger Games, or watched the movie yet.

Unknown said...

the shoulders on that cardigan are adorable!!!!

& yes of course I read the hunger games =) The first book took me a little while to get into but after that I finished all 3 in like 2 weeks. Now I'm onto the 50 Shades Trilogy and almost done! I hate when I'm almost done with a series that you're so into and have to find something else

xo Jackie

JennaStevie said...

I am loooving these bright red jeans with the bright belt and neutral top. Your necklace is really awesome too.
I haven't read the hunger games either, but Ive only heard good about them

Kaari Mulk said...

You look awesome and I love this book, that's so cool book!


Mom Daughter Style said...

i love your hair, they look beautiful. you have great outfit as usual. i wanted to watch the hunger games movie i guess i'll wait till it comes out on netflix. i see you went to hoomaluhia, it's probably our fave botanical garden

two birds said...

i wasn't on the bandwagon, but then i started reading them and loved them! i am also on the colored denim bandwagon! i love these red pants on you, and the shoulders of the sweater are perfect!

Monsterchen said...

it seems actually everybody is reading the hunger games, maybe i should give it a a try too..
oh i think those red jeans are really gorgous with grey, for me it depends on the mood, sometimes i just pair colored denim with a plain white shirt or i go bold with another contrasting colour.
love and kiss,mary

Baby Budget Blog said...

Gotta get back into reading. In fact, I'm going right to Barnes & Nobles on Saturday and pick out something. I'm more of a classics girl! Loving the red pants and the neon belt! Cool necklace as well!


Unknown said...

The yellow belt looks amaze on the red jeans... I guess I should read the hunger games too and see what the hype is all about... Thanks for stopping by my blog, follow each other???


oomph. said...

i'm putting maze runner on my list! i remember you mentioned it before! thanks!

oomph. said...

50 shades...another one i've been hearing about! another one to add to the list!

oomph. said...

it's become one of our faves, too!

Kat said...

Love the red skinnies! I've been looking for a good pair and it's hard to find ... mainly because I'm so picky about the shade of red.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do hope to see you around more often! And I too want to read the Hunger Games. It's on the reading list!


Fashion Pad said...

Love your look hunni! I have a pair of red demons and they POP against any thing I wear! Loving you accessories as well.

I have read the Hunger Games trilogy. I will admit that each installment kept me eagerly waiting for the next. However, please remember that Katniss is a teenager so u may get a bit frustrated by her actions. Also, I felt like the last book's ending wasn't written really well. I think the ending was one that I rooted for, but for me, a lot of questions were still left unanswered. I'm sorry, with my books, I need closure, LOL.

I wear my colored denim mainly as the focal point of my outfit.

Fashion Pad said...

Oops....red 'denim'....darn autocorrect!

oomph. said...

i like closure, too! look forward to reading.

Scarllet Gonçalves said...

you look adorable!!
Love the pants :)
Have a good day beautiful,

Allison said...

Enjoy Hunger Games!!! I was addicted. You'll be done reading it in time for it to come to dvd! :)
Love the red pants with the thin yellow belt!!


Anonymous said...

I read the trilogy...they were quick reads, but I'm not one for depressing stories. The 2nd book was the best.

And I'm always a fan for colored pants! Very cute outfit!!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

red denim is always awesome! love how you paired it with gray!

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