faux-ever mine.

i didn't have to think twice about these [faux] leather shorts. even though they were a tad loose, i was sold on the color alone...my current black leather pair being slightly too dressy for summer. i envision these in a neutral palette of oversized sweaters, loose tees, and my leopard print sperry top-siders,
or paired with brightly colored tops and pretty slippers.
this is definitely going to be a summertime favorite.

do you wear leather in the summer?

(house of harlow antler ring via gilt (similar)(similar))
mahi mahi sandwich.
(shorts, local boutique (similar); sweater, f21 (similar); bag, aldo (like this one))



Emma said...

I would Definitely wear these Gorgeous leather shorts in the summer. Such a Chic and Perfect outfit! I am really Loving that House of Harlow ring! I think I need one ; )

Emma said...

What brand are those Gorgeous shoes? I LOVE them!

Unknown said...

It's usually too hot to wear anything but breezy cotton in the summer, although I'd love to try a pair. These are just perfect for summer :)
xo Jac

Jan said...

Love the outfit and of course the accessories!

I have a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Unknown said...

I love the sweater, necklace and shoes with your shorts! The shorts are great! I really want a pair of real leather black shorts for my wardrobe. Still hunting for my perfect pair, but I love leather, but I'm not sure I could wear them in the Summer. I get way too hot! xx Pip


DeniseAngela said...

I also wear leather in the summer.....love todays jewels & wedges!

Anonymous said...

What a great pair of shorts. Actually, I have always thought of leather garments as cool weather wear...but you've got me thinking that that is unnecessarily limited.

Frannie Pantz said...

Leather shorts in the summer are a great thing! I wear mine in the summer too and I find them comfy! I love how you styled these with the sweater and that baaaaaag is fab-u-lous Rebecca!

welldressedmaker said...

only YOU, Becks, only you! I cannot even put the words "leather" and "summer" in the same sentence (OK, I guess I did, but you know what I mean!) Love your striped jumper too!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Shybiker said...

The shorts are great and the whole outfit rocks. Leather is a magical material that adds pizzazz to an ensemble.

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Love love love the shorts. Looks great with that sweater and am loving that large cross necklace..

Oh, on the secret bar... my friend was out with a group and stumbled upon the place when they were in the front bar. Then they waited outside until the secret bar texted with an opening and got in! :)


awesome outfit! love that bag!

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Jackie said...

Love these leather shorts it goes well with the sweater! Your hair is beautiful. Love the accessories and the bag!!

And omg that sandwich looks great. Knowing me I would load it with tartar sauce :P where is it from btw?

And yes I wear leather in the summer. Just snagged me a pair of brown ones. Love em! Nothing wrong with rocking leather in the summer.



KC said...

Umm...just saying the word "leather" in Houston during the summer evokes heart palpitations and drops of perspiration!!
You are working this look...love it on you.
(And the sandwich looks delish!)

Bre said...

Yeah the possibilities of those shorts are endless! A summer staple for sure. I like to wear leather in the summer, not leather pants or anything, but those I rock for sure.
I am in LOVE with your House of Harlow ring. It's AMAZING!!!!

J. said...

Wow, you look incredible! I like leather but it's way to hot to wear it during a Texas summer...

Julia said...

I can see why you fell in love with those shorts, they look great on you & I love the rest of your outfit too.

I'd wear leather in Summer too, our summer isn't all that hot

Teresa said...

i saw this combo on Instagram last night and had to see the complete post! even though i CAN'T wear leather in summer in Puerto Rico (i would melt inside them), i love how they look on you and how you managed to make them look summer-friendly!!

happy wednesday,

GlamShion said...

great outfit!! thanks for your comment, i follow you now:)and you?


Susan said...

They're perfect! They actually didn't even look like leather (so nice and worn in) until the close up shot. I don't wear leather in the summer...far too warm here. But that said, the season is short so everything comes out again pretty fast.

Stephanie said...

Love Love this sweater!


Ulrika said...

I absolutely love the outfit ! The (faux) leather shorts look great with that sweater, I bet you'd rock the shorts with any top. Great accessories, too. :)

Kisses sweetie,


Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving this neutral outfit!! The coral in the sweater is the perfect dose of color!

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Lorna said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and I love it. =)


Passionnante & Passionnée said...

nice outfit!
merci de ton commentaire sur mon blog!


Unknown said...

The sweater and the shorts go well together


Call me M said...

Summer in Greece is too hot to wear leather! We're already at 35Cs, and the humidity in my city makes it worse.
You look lovely though!

Unknown said...

Oh, I just love that sweater! It's perfect paired with the shorts. :)


SpryOnTheWall said...

Such a cute outfit, I love it. I almost picked up a pair of faux leather shorts at Kohls a couple of months ago. I wish I had now!

Carrie said...

I'm okay with leather in the summer if it's not super hot outside. I really like these shorts - the color makes them perfect for daytime looks! :)

Jewel Delgado said...

I love the top can be wear during rainy days. :)

Jewel Clicks

Halie said...

Very cool bag.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

great shorts! i love your bag and necklace. :D

Elisse said...

Good call pairing that sweater with the shorts! I don't think I would wear leather in the summer, but maybe I haven't found the right piece!

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

This is such a lovely outfit! Love the sorts and sweater combo! Your hair is to die for and those shoes are killer too!

xo Teresa

Hautepot said...

Love the different textures here :) The leather, fur and knit all look great together!

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