happy mistakes.

gone are the days of my crazy hair color. having worked in a salon, i've had every color from red to purple to blue to orange. but since acquiring the minis, i've opted to go natural simply because it's easier to maintain. every few months,
i do an all over color just to even out my ends that
can get lighter from the sun.
but...if there's one thing i can never remember, it's my hair [dye] color. i try to remember the number or the girl's face on the box, but as soon as i am standing in front of all those boxes, i draw a blank. i tried writing it down, but can never remember where i wrote it down. so, there has been some variation in my natural color...like the last time.
a little too reddish-brown.
i took advantage of this mistake and tried a DIY ombre by coloring the crown portion of my hair with a slightly darker-than-natural color. the result is subtle, but i like it.

what do you think of ombre hair? have you ever tried to diy?

(denim, f21; top, old navy; shoes, aldo)
this gold ring (above) is my go-to when i want a decorated hand with just enough bling. i have been looking for something similar in silver and finally found it at JGOOD (below).
it fits perfectly and arrived in two business days.
Delicate CZ Band from the Crystal Elegance Collection.

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  1. Yes, I like the ombre look...I actually prefer the subtlety that you have.

    And that top...you're the second person in the past week or so whom I've seen wearing a beautifully colored/draped top from Old Navy. It's time for me to make a trip there... ;)

  2. Doing the ombre hair on yourself when it's very subtle is totally doable (and yours looks great, by the way) but trying to do a drastic ombre hair would be disasterous! I've seen it go bad in salons, so I can only imagine when it's someone who has no clue what they're doing :)

  3. I like the subtlety in your hair and I like the ombre look as well :) I've actually only died my hair once and that was long ago because my parents are kinda against it since it is damaging. At times, I'll have phases of that urge to dye it but then after awhile when i think about all the maintenance it takes I forget about it hahaaha :P

    I love the top it's super cute!

  4. Love the outfit! And the ombré looks great, it's not too much and just works perfectly w ur hair!

    Xx kelly

  5. I'm loving the studs on your shorts and the color of your shirt! xx


  6. love the outfit, esp. the shorts! the hair looks good!! i used to dye my hair on my own all the time before, but i noticed that it gets brassy and dry quick. i love going bright red!! i was thinking about going ombre too, i've been seeing so many celebrities doing it. i think if i attempted it, it would look like i need to get my roots done?!

  7. haha- I've tried to DIY ombre my hair by... stopping getting highlights :) the result is pretty natural though, with blonder on the ends and light brown roots. I know in the summer I'm going to want highlights though, but they are so expensive!

  8. Your hair looks good girl! I totally want to try this out! Thanks for the tip! Also love the orange blouse and studded jorts!

  9. I am in love with the orange top. And I love the colour of your hair. It's so rich and beautiful. I have never had the courage to dye my hair and I probably never will but I love looking at other people's hairstyles, especially crazy ones. You should post your crazy hair colours!


  10. I love iiiit! Your hair looks pretty! I love the layering of the necklaces too! :)


  11. You did a good job on your hair. I tried the DIY before but it got too messy though.. Colors can't come off from my hands for days. Gave up and I'd rather save the money to pay for someone else to do it for me =) Talk about laziness =D

  12. Love your ombre result! It looks great on you! And the shirt, and shorts are amazing! I don't think I will ever try to dye my hair by my own. I'm sure I won't like the result.

  13. I love the wedges!! And the denim shorts!!!


  14. Oooh your hair is so pretty!

  15. Lovely outfit, I love the ombré look :) xx

  16. I've been thinking of doing I DIY ombre dye job. Think I'll do my ends jet black. Shouldn't be too noticeable if I mess up and just noticeable if done right :) LOVE how yours came out. Any pointers? Also loving this orange blouse!


  17. I adore the little heart studs on your cutie pie shorts...and your hair? With that face I don't see how you could do any wrong with your hair. Fabulous from head to toe.

  18. Love the hearts on your shorts and this shirt is such a fab colour! You look stunning! :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog sweets! :)
    Hope you come back sometime soon! :)


  19. This is amazing omg love the orange

  20. I love the ombre look on you!! I haven't DIY-ed my hair since I died it red one time and actually missed spots. Ha! It was NOT pretty. lol

    I love your orange blouse!! You look gorgeous!

  21. Love the ombre-ness of your hair, Becks! I think my hair is like that right now because the ends have lightened up quite a bit. I haven't had time to dye my hair in a while now, but I totally want to go back to baby pink!
    LOVE the orange top, dear!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  22. I don't do my own hair. Blonde is tough...and you can end up green verrry easily. I like your hair -- very subtle.

  23. Your hair looks great. I sometimes let my subtle highlights grow out for an ombre look.

  24. Your blog is fabulous! Thank for commenting on shamibligricci blog! wete following you.x

  25. Love the cute heart studs on your shorts :)

  26. Great look! Thanks for your lovely comment! Hope you'll visit again soon!


  27. I want to see you with the crazy hair. I bet you pull it off effortlessly and look drop dead gorgeous. The ombre look is beautiful. I have something similar with light red highlights and dark red at the bottom.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. I do an all over color, I can generally find a similar color across various brands (I mean there are only so many reds - lol). I used to do more involved things on my own when I was younger, I've been platinum blonde, dark brown, but red suits me best. I would love to do a really bold red with highlights but I'm wondering if I've just aged out of that ;o)

  29. Love your shirt and shoes! You do to look good in shorts! I see baby hips or thighs!
    I have done the ombre, but only because I couldn't afford to have my hair done back in high school.
    I have always been afraid of DIY hair color, but you did it and it looks good and your hair is still there....

  30. Love the ring from Jgood! Need to get one. Great outfit!

  31. Love the outfit. The tangerine color and the studded shorts perfect way to have it on this summer! Keep it up.

    Daney <3
    <a href="http://daneyrecabe.blogspot.com:>THE UNCANNY GIRL </a>

  32. I love this orange blouse!! Such an amazing colour and looks so awesome with those shorts. Those shorts which I am going crazy over. Amazing look!

  33. I have yet to try the ombre hair style and don't know if I'm going too but I'm loving yours doll. Your outfit is amazing and so chic!

    <3 Marina

    1. you are so right a more natural hair colour is so much more easier to mantain. if i wouldn´t love my red dyed hair so much i wouldn´t have to work with reddish shampoo and stuff and the bathroom wouldn´t look like a mass every time haha
      however...your hair looks beautiful and i love the cute little heart studs on your shorts!

  34. LOVE that orange shirt and heart studs on those shorts!? Awesome!

  35. Your hair looks gorgeous, and I'm obsessed with that orange top! You look stunning in this outfit - I'd wear the entire look in a heartbeat.


  36. The hair looks great!
    xo Jac

  37. OMG Love this shirt!!!



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