patty's closet. sheer jaguar.

long time readers know that i'm leopard's number one fan.
but after hearing someone refer to it as cheetah print, i figured it was time to learn the differences. after all, what kind of number one fan would i be if i didn't know exactly
what leopard print was supposed to look like?
here's what i learned:
- cheetahs have small, evenly spaced black spots.
- leopards have small, round, black & brown
clusters called rosettes.
- jaguars also have rosettes, but theirs are larger
and have black spots in the middles.

so, based on the larger rosettes and black spots in the middles, i'd say this pretty leopard print top i got from Patty's Closet [in Mililani Town Center] is actually jaguar. and i'd be doing the jaguars a great disservice by not giving them credit where credit was due. it was too late to change my photo,
but i did give them the title.

do you like animal prints?
have you been wearing jaguar all along?

(top, Patty's Closet c/o; DIY denim; shoes and bag c/o JustFab;
ray-ban sunglasses; libi&lola bracelet c/o)

*     *     *


  1. ZOMG! I'm good at differentiating cheetah and leopard but I think I've fumbled between leopard and jaguar.. gotta relook at my animal print stuff again! thanks for pointing this out xox

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I love how you did your research on this

  3. I am so glad that you researched the differences. To be honest, I was never really sure either LOL. This blouse is SO GREAT. I love the unique look of it!

    1. yeah, it's one of those things we assume we know, but aren't REALLY sure of!

  4. I've never had a Coach bag, so if I won this would be my first!

  5. Lovely leopard print !!!! so stylish !



  6. I never know the difference in the spots. Looking chic lady.

  7. I'll be taking note of the differences now you've pointed this all out. Whatever the print is, you rock all prints! Love the shoes too! X

  8. Love your leopard top! Very unique! It was nice to see the differences through your collage. It's much more clearer now.

  9. Becks, you can wear the hell out of leopard! HAHAHA Great top!

  10. HOT! love everything about this look!

  11. Love the top, and that you took the time to figure out the difference between cats/prints :)


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