the silver watch.

for as long as i can remember, i loved watches. watches were functional for me, and i never swapped them out like jewelry. i'd usually have just one that i loved, big and masculine with a two-tone [gold & silver] metal band that would go with all of my accessories...and when the battery died, i'd get a new watch.
(i don't know why i can never get around to changing the battery...it's just easier to buy a new watch!)

my current watch is gold, and i've been needing a silver one for a while now. this fashion quartz watch from Born Pretty fills the void. it's masculine, has a good-sized face, and has just enough bling to be cool and not gaudy. in addition, it has a very nice weight to it for its price. if the watch looks big on my wrist, it is. i went to get it resized, but the repair shop near my office closed down!

do you wear watches? what style do you gravitate towards?

(Madewell tee (similar); JustFab denim (buy);
Enzo Angiolini shoes; bag via local boutique)

who doesn't love a great deal?
in addition to Born Pretty's affordable prices, get 10% off with the code: OOMPHC10. check out their huge selection of watches, plus everything else from beauty products and clothing to jewelry and nail products to sports and kitchen gadgets.

shop the look:


  1. Gorgeous watch. I like Born Pretty too. The store has great stuff. I like your watch as well.

  2. Looking good! I love the bag...local shop, eh?? The watch is so classic and looks so chic on you. I see those "runners" calves...:)

    1. ugh...i know! i noticed the calves in these pictures especially!!!! not sure i'm loving that, lol!!

  3. Great watch. I love the idea of red heels under the casual look. The fedora is super chic too.

  4. watches have definitely become a staple item! can't leave the house without one on!


  5. For a very long time I was like that too! But now I've started to get different ones. I've one in gold, black-silver and grey-rosegold. Those three go with everything I have in my closet :D
    Love your pumps so much!!!


  6. Love that watch! I haven't worn one for ages, but I think there are a few that are worth the investment. This is one of them! Thanks for sharing. x

  7. Beautiful watch! I love watches and have many.

  8. Oh I like! I don't really wear watches, but I do want a MK one someday, a nice thin one with leather strap. I'm not a fan of the metal bands since they catch all the hairs on my arms. ouch!

  9. cute watch! i love these chunky watches w/menswear vibes. i feel like you can match the silver or gold ones with just about anything! i never used to wear watches, but now i have an MK one in tortoise shell and i wear it daily.


  10. they have the best watches. it amazes me about the quality in comparison to the price. nice!

  11. i don't wear watches. i just don't see the point since i have my phone. but if i did, i love the big chunky masculine looking ones
    xo jac

  12. Wow! I wear watches, different types of watches depends on my outfit. :) I like your look here. I think I need to wear my red shoes again :(

  13. You look great and I love your new watch. I have only recently started wearing watches and I have become obsessed.


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