bittersweet arrival of UO.

the first and only times i set foot in urban outfitters was about seven years ago when i was on vacay in california. we probably went to three different stores, and i was in heaven each time. the stores were filled to the brim with all kinds of goodness; i was literally that kid in a candy store. i wanted everything.

its arrival here was bittersweet since they are in waikiki. as with other stores that came to waikiki (h&m, forever 21), the likelihood of me going down there just to shop is slim to none. but last week, i attended a class held at a hotel in waikiki, so i made sure to check out our very first urban outfitters.

do you like urban outfitters?
is there a store near you?

i was a little bummed about the clothes - nothing exciting, a lot of the same thing spread out around the store. i was also super bummed about their home section (or lack of, i should say). that was one of the areas i loved when i visited in california.

but i loved their beauty and make up section which was fully stocked with anastasia of beverly hills products, among other cool brands. sephora has limited products, but UO had most of her line. they also had tony moly products which i've only seen online before.

thumbs up for their swimsuit selection, bags, and shoes. lots of cute styles.

overall, i like the store. everyone was friendly and helpful. hopefully there will be a new crop of clothes the next time i'm in the area.

(hollister top; patty's closet shorts; charles david heels)


  1. I miss UO!! thats great there is one in your area now! one of my favorite places to shop in Cali!

  2. In general I like UO's clothes. I know they do some controversial stuff and when they try too hard to be edgy, I usually don't dig it. But in general they have cute stuff--as you mention for clothes and house stuff. I love these shorts with this sweater! Great combo!

  3. I like your red aztec prints shorts! I think the lure of such shops e.g F21, H&M, Mango, Uniqlo is when they aren't available near home.. once they come to your town, they just seem so "common" since most people will be wearing them now haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I'm not sure if we have one. Maybe in one of our larger malls. I'll have to check. They have really cute stuff. Love your sweater and shorts!

  5. LOVE THE SHORTS you look fab

  6. i love tony moly and have hauled a few of their things on the blog over the years. they have a peach lotion i love.

  7. Yes, we have Urban Outfitters here...a couple of locations. I usually go when I'm in Fla but never here...weird.
    I do like Tony Moly's products. We have a few asian malls nearby and they all carry the line - well priced and really decent quality. You are glowing btw, anything you need to tell me? :)


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