[oomph] makes. succulent terrarium.

search and you will find a superfluous amount of succulent terrarium tutorials on the web. after browsing many of them,
i gave it a go for mother's day. my mom has the greenest thumb and can grow anything. she likes plants and enjoys being in her garden, so i knew that this was something she would appreciate. here's how ours turned out.

what i used:
small glass container
river rocks
all purpose soil
(decorative) moss
variety of succulents
start with a layer of rocks for water drainage.
*if you use an enclosed container, add a layer of carbon to control moisture, bacteria, and odor.
add soil, arrange plants, and add a layer of moss.
this bright green moss was leftover from mini-she's school project. it was perfect for setting the plants apart from the soil and giving the terrarium an overall finished look.
then personalize it with fun decorations.
mini-he contributed three marbles, and i made a tiny 'happy mother's day' sign out of construction paper and a toothpick.

outcome and thoughts:
overall, this was quick to make; it took about 25 minutes. we literally threw this together an hour before my mom came, so we used whatever we could find. there wasn't a great selection of plants at our local store either. arranging the plants was harder than i expected...i couldn't get them to stand up, and it was difficult to maneuver your hands in the small jar. i'd love to use sea glass next time for more color.

bright, indirect sunlight
water once a week - mist with a spray bottle or
drop in some ice cubes to avoid over-watering.
mother's day gifts for mom.

and, the winner of the $500 Visa Gift Card giveaway is:
Ruby Sparkles

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summer's almost here!


Emanuela said...

Ooo I was going to do this, saw it in a store but was too expansive!!!! Lol, love it!!!!!!!


Style Journey said...

Cool! I saw some of these on Pinterest and wondered about them. This a really thoughtful gift for your mom. Plus, it's a fun project for the kiddos to do. Heather

Loves Happy Hour said...

OMG!LOVE it!! My mom made something like these for little gifts before. I love succulents and all terraniums. I wanted to share this with you. https://www.facebook.com/MiracleGro/app_133500423485720

A Very Sweet Blog said...

What an awesome gift Becks! I love it!!! It's so beautiful. Lovely to look at (decor) and is a great plant. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Is he your son? OMG he looks super cute and adorable I can even tell just by looking at his side face!! :D Charming gifts as well. ^^

Helena Oops said...

Hello my dear!
Thanks for the amazing post!
Like we say in frensh:Vous avez la main verte!
sweet photos!

Unknown said...

This is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing, I know my daughter will love it.

StyleIDnet said...

Just a beautiful idea! I wished I would have read this before mothers day (although its never too late) the final product looks beautiful. love the bright colored moss.

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Balancing Lisa said...

I am so glad I read this post! I have a mild obsession with succulents! I've always wanted to make one of these....you have inspired me!

SpryOnTheWall said...

Fun! I so want to do this! You have inspired me!

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