wishlist: persun.

 have you heard of PersunMall.com?
i recently learned about this global shopping site and was surprised by all the fashion-forward items they offered. their goal is to provide you with the latest in clothing, jewelry, shoes, and bags at great prices, and with service to your satisfaction. i found myself adding everything to my cart,
but here's the top 10 on my wishlist:

printed shorts that would work day or night.
 always looking for cute sweaters to throw over my shorts.
love, love, l-l-love these blue, pointy-toe flats. period.
light and airy blouse to go with fresh white denim.
colorful horses + zippers.
basic black bag with standout details.

i can never pass up a summery, white dress.
this would fill my void for a peplum skirt.

want to try wedge sneakers. i like that these look worn.
a bright necklace for summer.

in addition, Persun is known for their beautiful dresses and evening wear. they have a wide selection of short and long dresses in satin, lace, florals, sequins, and chiffon, as well as a selection of plus size prom dresses. if you have a particular style in mind, design it and persun will make it
at no additional fee. now that's service!

have you heard of Persun?
check out their site and let me know what you think.


welldressedmaker said...

haven't yet, until now! and I LOVE those pointed shoes and that cute horse skirt! Adorable!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

A Very Sweet Blog said...

love the white dress and blue sandals. very cute items they have.

Unknown said...

loving those printed shorts & that black bag!!!

xo Jackie
Living After Midnite

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Love exploring new sites. Of course almost all the items you picked are my favorite too.
Those flats are super chic and the purse is to dye for. Will check it out.

Oh, on that dress you commented yes it is supposed to be worn strapless maxi. But it can also be umpire wasted midi, or knee length or a skirt! :)

Candida said...

Uh-oh, that site is dangerous! Such cute things. And love those cobalt blue shoes you picked out. I love internet shopping so I'm always excited to learn about new online stores with cute clothes at such good prices. I totally bookmarked it.

Thanks for sharing!

Merch Maven

Claire said...

cute stuff! love the printed shorts and that asymmetric sweater! i love my wedge sneakers. you definitely need some!!!


Lorena said...

I had honestly not heard of the site but you have some great picks from there, i am going to check it out.

susan jakovina said...

I haven't but I'm going to have to check out that necklace! Love.

Courtney B said...

I wish you could be my personal stylist! You have the BEST taste!!

miyoko01 said...

love the blue pointy toed flats!


Kat said...

ooh i love the colorful horse skirt! sooo cute :D


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