trucker hat and spiked shoes.

with kids, there's a lot of waiting around while they are at lessons, sports, and extra-curricular activities, so comfort is key. denim cut-offs + oversized sweaters is my go-to combo on the weekends, because it's simple and unfussy. and because i wear this quite often, i'll mix in different accessories to keep it fun...this time a trucker hat, spiked leopard shoes, and this bright green clutch i won in a recent giveaway hosted by jackie. it's the perfect size for an ipad, which is essential when you have lots of time to kill.

what's your mix for comfort?

(nixon hat; DIY shorts; old navy sweater; mark bag; sheinside shoes)

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Style Journey said...

I like your hat. I wish I looked this good for comfort, ha ha! Usually it's jeans, flats and a tee for the busy activities. Heather

Balancing Lisa said...

You are too cute! Love those diy shorts.. and those shoes are amazing! xo

susan jakovina said...

How cute are you? And seriously, I adore those sunglasses on you. Considering a pair because of it!

Always Maylee said...

You look so cute in that hat! Love the shorts and spiked shoes!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

A Very Sweet Blog said...

You always make it so cool Becks! HAHA I was watching the travel channel this weekend and there was a program where these couples were looking for homes in Hawaii. I thought about you! HAHAHAHA Real estate is very expensive there! Have a great week!

Frannie Pantz said...

You got that right girl! I know what you mean and this would be a great outfit for shuffling kids around from thing to thing. I love that you added the fun hat and spiked flats!

Diva In Me said...

I'm not a hat person but I like seeing people like you who makes hats look so good! Rihanna is another that popped up in my head right now.
My comfort style would be printed tees and denim shorts =)


Haha, who knew a trucker hat could look cool? I certainly didn't, you pull it off effortlessly. I would look like a crazy person in it. :) Great outfit, simple and practical!

Jessi said...

I've been seeing the baseball cap/trucker hat look around but I would never be able to pull it off haha its just not me at all. You look amazing in one though! Loving the dip dyed shorts and your awesome shoes with it!

Iván The Trendy Surfer said...

Cool !! Lovely shoes ! so beautiful !



Elle Sees said...

loving the spikes!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are rocking those spikes!!!

Sandy a la Mode

dress up files said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love the whole look and especially the mirrored sunnies!

trishie said...

Looking very casual chic!

shoppanna said...

Look insanely! <3

Mrs C said...

You are among a few people I know that could get away with this hat! You look cute actually :)



this look is and awesome combo of comfort and style!! my causal looks tend to look more simple, i obviously need to amp it up a bit haha

-Tara x


StyleIDnet said...

You look so cute and modern. What a cool mom :)
Nice giveaway, the clutch is spectacular.
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Thanks and have a nice rest of week.


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Candida said...

You look so hot in this outfit. I bet you are the best lookin Mom at all the kid's activities!
DIY shorts huh? Have you done a post on them? I would love to see how you did it - those shorts are amazing!

Merch Maven

Maria Carvalho said...

Love your loafers!

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