the white shoe rule.

i once read [years ago] that you should never wear white shoes.
why? because it brings attention to your feet...and ultimately, you want people to look at you, not your feet. (unless you have really cute shoes and want people to look at your feet, right?) well, i've stuck to that rule all this time, because 1) they are in-your-face bright, and 2) they remind me of prom or wedding shoes.
but white shoes have really evolved, and with all the cute styles now, i might actually consider purchasing a pair.

this kellen wedge from JustFab was the perfect baby step for me. the two-tone black and white allowed me to test the waters while staying in my comfort zone. plus, it's really, really comfortable. check out this week's JustFab promotion below.

do you or would you wear white shoes?

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JustFab's Girls' Night In
all $39.95 styles are buy one, get one at 40% off.
code: GNIBOGO40
5/17 (10:00am PST) - 5/18 (11:59pm PST)
*while supplies last, no rainchecks, discout valid on multiple purchases.

here's a few of my favorites:
hudson bag in purple.
i'm carrying it here. i always receive compliments
on this bag's vibrant color.

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Mrs. Aa said...

nice shoes :)

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

miyoko01 said...

How is the shoe sizing? I have been tempted to buy my first pair of white shoes too! And I love the ones your wearing!

oomph. said...

lauren - it's pretty true to size. if a particular style isn't, they'll say so in the description. let me know if you get them!

Unknown said...

pretty shoes!!! I love the blazer as well, esp with the white lining, so chic! :D

Kristina Djuric said...

wow love it! I will steal ur shorts <3 :)))))))

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thanks ;)

Sue Westrell said...

Love those shorts and your blazer! I'm not the biggest fan of white shoes (or white in any sort of solid block of color...) so I just kind of avoid it. I do have a pair of white wedges, though, which are pretty okay, as well as a pair of espradilles that I wear as house shoes.


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so cute...perfect step towards an all white shoe! I've been wanting to try the white shoe, but I think my legs need some color first!

knocked up fabulous

A Very Sweet Blog said...

White shoes have come a loooong way. I love yours. I just bought a pair that criss crosses in the front (white) and is tan in the back (ankle strap). Fabulous styling Becks.

StyleIDnet said...

Fisrt, you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit and second, ohhh yes, I have and wear white shoes. I love them. They can be cute. abit hard to make them look right .... yes, but it is possible.
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Anonymous said...

I haven't consciously had a rule against white, but now that you've made me think about it, I haven't had a white pair since I was in my early 20s! That's a long time ago! I like the two-toned pair you're modeling.

oomph. said...

hi terri!! miss seeing you around. hope all is well.

Helena Oops said...

Hello my dear!
I love the Kellen shoes!
You re so cute!nice outfit!

Call me M said...

They're really cute! I would definitely wear white shoes..

Thelma Frayne said...

I love the shoes, so I say screw that rule.

Diva In Me said...

Wow!! It's definitely a gorgeous pair of shoes and it matches your blazer so well =D
I like white shoes and they're great to pair it with not-so-loud dresses or outfits. Or when you want the attention to go to your legs and not your top =D

Laura said...

Yeh, I've always been told that white shoes make your feet look bigger and I definitely don't need that. I really like these sandals though :-)

Chicago Chic said...

That's a great rule... adore the mix of black and white!


jackie jade said...

these are cute! I have some white shoes that are more of the summery type of shoe. love them and yours look great!
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com
-- please vote! shoe styling contest

Lisa said...

omg cuteness! i love the white stripes across those wedge sandals! love the blazer and leather shorts such a cute outfit!

c said...

beautiful look, the shorts are awesome!


SpryOnTheWall said...

Such a great outfit! Love the shoes, they were a great choice!

susan jakovina said...

I don't, but I may.
I feel about the same way you do...and I hate them completely once there is a tiny scuff.
Those, I would wear!! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

LOVE THIS ENTIRE LOOK! I got those in nude, but now I wish I had the white too! so fab! xo

amber and company said...

I have never liked white shoes but these are amazing. I am always scared I am going to dirty them up!

Anonymous said...

Awesome kellen shoes! Love this look

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