a week of work wardrobe basics. archives.

this week was all about work wardrobe basics. build your wardrobe around these key pieces, and there will be endless re-mixing possibilities. as always, take the time to find pieces that fit you well so that you feel comfortable and confident when wearing them. i highlighted a few items throughout the week; here's the full list and some ways i've put them together in the past.
1) black pants
2) pencil skirt
3) jersey dress
4) dark denim
5) button-down blouses
6) black pumps
7) crisp white shirt
8) blazer
9) tees in neutral colors (white, black, gray)
10) black long-sleeved shirt (turtleneck or cowl neck)
11) cardigan
12) utility jacket

dark denim / button down
jersey dress
pencil skirt / cardigan
button down blouse / black pants
pencil skirt
black pumps / button down shirt
blazer / pencil skirt / white tee
crisp white shirt / black pumps
black tee / pencil skirt / black punps
button down / pencil skirt 
button down shirt / utility jacket / dark denim
black tee / pencil skirt 

hope you enjoyed this week of work wardrobe basics.
are there any basics on your list that's not on mine?

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in case you missed it:
monday's black pants
tuesday's pencil skirt
wednesday's jersey dress
thursday's dark denim


Helena Oops said...

Hello my dear!
every look is unique!
Nice outfits!
Have a lovely sunday!

Shybiker said...

With great pieces, outfits build themselves! You always look so good.

Ai Sakura said...

Love all your different work styles! I really need to shake things up at work a little more haha. Have a great week!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

GretchTM said...

Love all the different outfit combinations. I feel like you covered all the basics. :)

StyleIDnet said...

Beautiful all of them .... loved scrolling down and seeing one beautiful outfit after the other. Very different from each other but always a great chic style. in adoring the button shirt with utility jacket most of all.
Have a nice week :)

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Eimear O'Reilly Stylist said...

i want your wardrobe!


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Love that yellow against that denim. Also the pink & purple together. Very nice Rebecca.

Mrs C said...

I wonder if there is anything that you don't look good in? You are stunning, made to wear fab style, any style actually :)

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

james said...

lover, hi!! ohh how's it been, dear? you look good in these shots, hot mamma!

Yvonne said...

snap, snap! work it girl! you always pose like a pro!


Unknown said...

I love the first picture, I think you look amazing with the denim jeans and shirt and then the yellow top to break up the denim - casual, but still very chic and suitable for work if you are allowed to wear jeans!


two birds said...

you just look great in anything you put on!! and you also have the best shoe and skirt collection!

Balancing Lisa said...

I love every look here! You are one fab lady rocking the basics! xo ;)

Jessica said...

You always look so great. I seriously love your collection of pencil skirts.


Unknown said...

amazing inspiration! Shall we follow?
amazing babe!
Check my blog tomorrow for a great giveaway!

LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

So agree with your basic list. And BTW, you look fantastic in those pencil skirts.
Hugs from New York
Ask Erena

JennaStevie said...

This is such a good idea!! All these pieces are definitely necessary and awesome to have for work. I am definitely book marking this post!!

Lesti said...

love your style :>

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