a week of work wardrobe basics: pencil skirt.

another staple in my work wardrobe is a black pencil skirt.
it functions the same as black pants, but allows you to show off your feminine curves...and your shoes. i'm wearing simple black pumps (also on my list), but switch them out for a colorful, strappy pair and you have an outfit worthy of happy hour drinks.

two things to consider:
fita pencil skirt should be fitted but not tight. too loose,
and it'll spin around. too tight, and you'll be uncomfortable.
length: a pencil skirt should fall at or just below the knees.
too short, and you'll be tugging at it all day. plus, your knees are a "skinny" point in your silhouette. a skirt that hits at the knees will be slimming and give you that hourglass shape,
if you so desire.

invest in a good black one first, then explore
other fun prints and textures.

do you know who created the pencil skirt?
scroll down for the answer.

worn here with a simple creme blouse. add color to this neutral combo with a bright cardigan, colorful skinny belt, or fun bag.
to elongate: tuck in your blouses.
to further accentuate curves: pair with a peplum top.
(bcbg skirt; JustFab uptown tote; nine west shoes)

try these:
french designer, christian dior, introduced the pencil skirt in the late 1940s using the term "H-line" (as opposed to A-line) to describe its straight and narrow shape. its predecessor, the hobble skirt, was created by another french designer, paul poiret, in the early 1900s. it was coined hobble because it literally hobbled the wearer with its slim hemlines.
 source: ehow, wikipedia

in case you missed it:
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Anonymous said...

Gotta love a great pencil skirt! It was "sports" day at school last week...I wore my Cubs t-shirt with a black pencil skirt. Loved it!

knocked up fabulous


You look great! I think you can never really go wrong with a pencil skirt, They're flattering and excellent pieces to have. xx/Madison

Mrs. Aa said...

lovin' scarf on your bag
cute piece :)

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Claire said...

yes, totally agree with you on the pencil skirt. lately i've been obsessed with leather ones. i got a black one of course, but i also have a red, purple, green and beige suede one. i love them to death. and i also found a light was denim one with cool little details. they're so flattering and so fun to pair stuff with!


Frannie Pantz said...

A classic staple indeed!

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Great office attire... Awesome info... Thx for sharing!!

Kay said...

You look great! I love pencil skirts, it makes me seem tall haha. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on fashion. ;)

shoppanna said...

This skirt is made ​​for you <3

Style Journey said...

You nailed it again. A pencil skirt (or 20) is definitely one of my wardrobe essentials. I love your simple black and white look.

Helena Oops said...

I like the photos!
nice outfit!classic and tendance...

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I have a least 3 black pencil in my closet. You look great

Balancing Lisa said...

you look amazing, that first photo is adorable! I just love that scarf, such a cute print in a chic outfit! xo

Unknown said...

You are rocking this pencil skirt and love the chic scarf too!
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oomph. said...

yup! i would totally rock a tee with a pencil!

oomph. said...

thanks, madison!

oomph. said...

i would love to have a black leather pencil skirt! so hard to find comfortable ones, tho!

oomph. said...

yes, they do make us look tall!!

oomph. said...

i've had many, but hard to find just the right ones in terms of fit!

oomph. said...

thanks, amy!

oomph. said...

thank you :)

oomph. said...

thank you :)

oomph. said...

thanks, Lisa! i'm enjoying the scarf, too! glad i found it.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Yep, that should be the 2nd most important thing in your closet along with black trousers. Love your top Becks! So dainty and pretty!

Call me M said...

I love pencil skirts. They're so beautiful and feminine. And my favorite way to wear it is the way you styled it.

Tiffany said...

That first photo of you is adorable! =) I love pencil skirts! I don't get to wear them as often since I've been teaching because I'm always getting on the floor with the kids, but I still love them!

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